New Running Shoes


I get excited over new running shoes like Carrie used to get over Manolos. For real. After deciding I desperately needed new ones I did some internet research to compare and contrast my two all time favorites - Asics Gel Nimbus & Adidas Supernova with a new brand - Mizuno. Today I went to the mecca of running shoes to get a new pair - RoadRunner Sports... I am super … [Read more...]

Love Hate Relationship with Cereal


I have a love/hate relationship with cereal. I love it. But, I hate it too. Whenever there is a sugary cereal in my house I will eat it until it's gone (that usually happens quickly). Randomly. When I'm bored/not hungry/whatever. Most of this misses the camera, so I'm not held accountable :( Right now I have a bunch of Nature's Path cereals I won in a contest. When they … [Read more...]

Vegan Chocolate & The Intuitive Eating Process


Your guesses were correct - I made tofu curry for dinner. I squeezed out the excess water in the tofu for one hour. Then, sauteed a sweet onion and chopped some carrots. I put the tofu, onion, carrots, coconut milk and spices into the crockpot on low for 4 hours (until it had thickened and the carrots were soft). This was not an easy mission. Yesterday I made trip to our … [Read more...]