Tried and Truvia


I have been trying to cut back on sugar for a few reasons, but can't help that I love to sweeten up my eats. I usually add a little brown sugar to my oat bran (or oatmeal). Yesterday at the store I saw Truvia was on sale. I figured it was worth a shot and took it home (after paying for it, duh). Truvia is a calorie free sweetener made from Erythritol and Stevia. I have … [Read more...]

Coffee and Donuts


My errands began with coffee and donuts. Well, DD iced coffee and a munchkin to be exact... I also tried a bite of Ben's pumpkin donut. I have to say I was disappointed by it. Boo. I had such high hopes for this pumpkin donut! But, it wasn't very pumpkin-y and wasn't very special. Weekend eating is always really weird for me because long runs on Saturday and sleeping … [Read more...]