Coffee and Donuts

My errands began with coffee and donuts. Well, DD iced coffee and a munchkin to be exact…IMG_2622


I also tried a bite of Ben’s pumpkin donut. I have to say I was disappointed by it. Boo. I had such high hopes for this pumpkin donut! But, it wasn’t very pumpkin-y and wasn’t very special. IMG_2621

Weekend eating is always really weird for me because long runs on Saturday and sleeping in on Sunday mean I eat breakfast late. Then, lunch is late so I end up just snacking instead of lunch, but that causes problems later…

I picked up these two sale items for a “snacky lunch” of cheese, Tofurkey and crackers… Very processed choices, but it wasn’t a Quarter Pounder so let me be.IMG_2626

I also ate an individual bag of Olive chips. This is weird since I’m normally a “sweet” not “salty” girl. IMG_2625

After such a snacky day I wasn’t hungry for dinner, but thought I should sit down and have a meal. I made a huge salad with spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and chickpeas w/ TJ’s peanut dressing.IMG_2628

Ben and I also shared this plate of cornbread… It was cornbread I made a while back and froze. I thawed it in the micro and then added cheese and broiled it until melty. I don’t know what’s up me with and cheese lately. I think this may have something to do with the idea I’ve been throwing around of cutting out dairy. Hmmmm.IMG_2632

I amĀ  very proud of the homemade chicken soup I made Ben. He’s been sick and I thought chicken soup would help him feel better. I think it worked :) This is super easy, but really impressed him! Don’t you love recipes like that?IMG_2629

Intuitive Eating – I am trying really hard to do the I.E. thing, but it’s not easy. I was not hungry after breakfast today. I enjoyed my iced coffee and munchkin,but wasn’t a touch hungry a few hours later. I ate crackers and cheese/tofurkey for “lunch” even though I didn’t feel hungry. I just didn’t want to wait until I suddenly became ravenous. (I need to remember hungry is not an emergency even if that happens.)

The plan for tomorrow is to solely listen to my hunger, so it may make for a weird eating day or I might surprise myself and have a completely “normal” day.

Sorry I wasn’t very creative this weekend with the eats… I feel like this Natalie Dee carton was talking about my blog.enjoy-your-food

Overall, I had a very good and relaxing weekend – hope you did too! Tomorrow I have a 6 miler scheduled, see ya later!


  1. Stephanie says

    As I’ve mentioned before on your blog, I am trying to learn to be an “intuitive eater” as well! I agree with you that the whole eating schedule v. no eating schedule is a tough one. I have begun to observe that my eating is actually better on days when I have a set schedule– even if it’s full of events like a work lunch and a happy hour at night or something like that. It’s actually the times when I have complete freedom over my eating that is trouble. This was surprising to me! I’m still trying to observe and figure out the patterns… why some situations are more difficult than others and all that.

    Intuitive eating is a challenge but worth it in the end, I think!

  2. says

    I find that when ever I try to listen to my hunger I obsess over it, and since I’m trying to do IE it happens a lot. I’m like “is this hunger”? “am I hungry yet?” “gas pains or hunger pains?”. It’s good to be aware but I feel like I’m being hyper aware.

    I think having the crackers and tofurkey was good because if you didn’t have them you’d starve and then eat everything until you felt satisfied. They talk about that in the book right? Intuitive eaters don’t just eat when they’re hungry hungry, but if they know they’ll be super hungry if they don’t eat. Or something like that.

  3. says

    Today was a really snacky day for me too. I’m starting to realize that snacking doesn’t work for me. I need to have 3 large meals and 1 snack (but only if I’m out of the house and won’t be home til after 7pm).

    For some reason, once I start snacking, the shit hits the fan and I juts can’t stop. Does that happen to you at all?

  4. says

    (I need to remember hungry is not an emergency even if that happens.)

    You are sooo right- I read a book that said that “real hunger CAN WAIT”, but it’s the crazy insane ravenous hunger …that is emotional. I have found that amazingly helpful! can’t remember the book right now, sorry!

  5. says

    yay for relaxing weekends! and my weekend eating is weird (or different i guess) than weekdays. i suppose i should try to keep my life schedule the same on the weekends but sleeping in is sooo tempting :)

  6. Alisa says

    I just want to say – Monica, you’re awesome. You’re real and very cool and I really appreciate your honesty. Thanks for taking the time to put together this blog!

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