Salt Water Swish


Last night before I went to bed my throat was feeling super scratchy. I gargled with some salt water last night and again this morning. Does anyone else do this? I know gargling with salt water is good for helping relieve a sore throat, but a nurse recently told me it also discourages bacteria from growing in your mouth/throat. I figure it couldn't hurt! If you've never heard … [Read more...]

Rubbing My Branch With A Stick


Ben and I were obsessed with Planet Earth when it first came out. We watched it all summer and thought the bird mating DVD was super cute because we're perverts. One of the birds would rub his little home ( a branch) with a stick. He was trying to clean his place up to lure a lady bird. It's adorable. I can't find that clip, but in this one a bird first cleans up the forest … [Read more...]