Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

Ben and I were obsessed with Planet Earth when it first came out. We watched it all summer and thought the bird mating DVD was super cute because we’re perverts. One of the birds would rub his little home ( a branch) with a stick. He was trying to clean his place up to lure a lady bird. It’s adorable.

I can’t find that clip, but in this one a bird first cleans up the forest floor to give himself room to dance. When Ben or I clean we call it “rubbing my branch with a stick” for the other person. I did a lot of rubbing my branch today! You can check out the Bird Mating Dance here (don’t worry, it’s not that kind of video).

All the blankets are washed and ready for my family icon smile Rubbing My Branch With A Stick And there’s a picture frame with the picture that came with it still inside. I really need to get our wedding pics…IMG 2648 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

Lunch was soup, carrots, pita chips and toast.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted  and soup and carbs are always a “yes” for me icon smile Rubbing My Branch With A Stick IMG 2641 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

IMG 2640 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

In the afternoon I snacked on some trail mix and yogurt with this granola x5 or 6...we seriously need to get all this granola & cereal out of here. After my family leaves this weekend that will be the plan. Eat it or toss it people!IMG 2642 225x300 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

Dinner was many, many roasted brussels with falafel. Simple and delicious. IMG 2644 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

I topped off the night with a few pieces of Bliss. It really is.IMG 2650 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick

I am embarrassed to say that I really want to see the last Jon & Kate Plus 8. I feel bad because I know it’s really sad, but I’m still curious. Anyone else planning on watching it?

This week’s Plans – So the Thanksgiving plan is my brothers and mom are coming here tomorrow and will be hanging out until the weekend. My mom and I will be cooking the whole she-bang together (normally we do a pot-luck with my family and everyone brings their specialty). I am a little worried about being able to pull it off!

Next weekend Ben and I are going to FL to visit his family. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but Ben’s dad is an artist. Like a for real artist, who actually makes a living off of it because it’s soooo good. I didn’t even think that happened anymore until I met him. Isn’t that cool? Follow your dreams, you can do anything!

I don’t think the pictures on the site do the pieces justice, but you can check it out here… Florida Wild Life Art

IMG 2653 300x225 Rubbing My Branch With A Stick


  1. says

    I have an irrational fear of birds (well, all flying things really), but your father-in-law’s art is AMAZING! Not scary at all! :)

    I started to watch the J&K+8 finale, but the husband swiped the remote and that was the end of that. Maybe I’ll DVR it and watch it when he’s not home…

  2. says

    I have the same exact problem with cereal. I even justify eating ginormous bowls of it sometimes b/c I “need to get rid of it as soon as possible”. That doesn’t even make logical sense!

    • runeatrepeat says

      Kelly – exactly what I do. I remember a weight watchers leader talking about eating all the Halloween candy to “get rid of it”. It makes no sense, but we still do it!

    • says

      Dude I do that with cookies. I think I need to get rid of them asap so I eat the whole box. Real smart, Julie.

      Ben’s dad’s painting is incredible.

  3. says

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving plan! You’ll pull off a great meal.

    Your father-in-law is so talented! Very impressive. My father-in-law is a pianist. Absolutely amazing! He played at the White House last year. Our guys must have good genes!

  4. says

    Monica- please tell me what I am missing with the brussels. I’ve tried to roast them, steam them, boil them, etc. and they never come out right. What do you do to roast them ((What temp/how long/any seasoning)?
    Happy t-day. Enjoy your couple times a year eating the bird.

  5. says

    That birds of paradise mating dance is the absolute best! When PE came out, that clip always reminded me of going out to the bars with my friend Pete – big song and dance whenever he liked a girl…always ended up going home alone.

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