Running Through My Mind


This morning I had another wet run. I did 6 miles and had the most random thoughts today including: "I wonder if I could make sure I get pregnant to have a baby in the winter so it gives me enough time to get back into a bathing suit so I don't miss out on summer at the beach..." "I bet these people going to work think I'm crazy for running in the rain..." (While … [Read more...]

Mi Familia


Howdy Howdy Howdy...Today was jam packed with fun stuff. Well, if you define fun as washing dishes, going to school and catching up on emails. But my family is here now and I am a happy little bear!!! They may not be so happy about the rainy weather though. I broke for lunch before going to school for some time in the computer lab. I have a TON of chickpeas - good thing I … [Read more...]