Thanksgiving in Costa Rica


Two years ago today Ben and I were in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving week. I don't even remember how or why we got the idea to go there, but I still think it was the best trip we've ever taken (maybe even beating our honeymoon in Belize)! On Thanksgiving Day we went to Manuel Antonio and National Park (and beach). It was the most amazing day of our trip and a T-day I will never … [Read more...]

Apples and Monuments


The best pictures of today don't involve food. Well, there is one picture of me enjoying an apple at the WWII monument... Other than that it was all about the sights! My brother, Michael, wasn't able to visit in August when my mom and Matt came, so we did some of the same stuff. Like, the Lincoln Memorial...My bros and I... And the view of the Washington  Monument. I don't … [Read more...]