Craziest Year Ever Part II


The second half of 2009 started with my "Road Trip Across America". It was fun, scary, tiring, overwhelming and more! Then, I started a new job, went to Belize and got super homesick. It's been an adventure and the craziest year of my life!!! July - We started in Las Vegas Baby! The Road Trip to End All! Then hit up Salt Lake City. So Salty Road trip: Yellowstone Where we … [Read more...]

Weird Night

ben hiking in FL

Last night was very weird. I woke up around 4am after having the worst dream that my brother was dead. It was so real I woke up with tears in my eyes. Thanks to the time difference and his late work schedule, I called him and he was still up. But, I do think I freaked him out a bit. Sorry Michael, but I had to hear your voice :) That woke up Ben and then he couldn't go back … [Read more...]


I've been putting off my 2009 recap because I don't even know where to start! This has been the craziest year ever and I almost don't want it to end :) I started the year in California, with a boyfriend and a job and am ending the year in Maryland with a husband and a pile of freelance work I better get on! Here are the highlights for the first half of the year (since it … [Read more...]

Late Start


My high school used to have two days a week that were "Late Start". Classes began at 9am and most people loved it. But, I am a morning person so I hate a late start to my day. These are those blurry pics everyone takes in high school to make it look like you have clear skin. Don't mind the chola eyebrows... Today was another late start because Ben and I both turned off … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Cranberries


My Nina and Nino gave Ben and I some snacks for the plane ride back to CA. There were gingerbread bites... and chocolate covered cranberries espresso beans. The company messed up and put espresso beans NOT cranberries in the package!!! Ha! I was disappointed, but Ben loves choc covered espresso so it worked out. Isn't that weird though?? I wasn't sure what I wanted for … [Read more...]

Ch-Ch-Ch Chia!


I finally tried the illusive Chia seed today! I have been wanting to get my hands on it for a while but never asked where the "Chia seed department" was at my local health foods store. Well, yesterday I bought a container of this magical seed. I am especially intrigued by the Chia seed after reading about it in "Born to Run". The author of the book says eating chia seeds are … [Read more...]

Breakfast At Last (meal of the day)


Trail Mix!! I dipped a little too hard into the trail mix stash today. Why is something so calorie dense so easy to eat and eat and eat?! I have been craving oatmeal all day so, I decided to have breakfast for dinner in the form of oat bran with PB. In my travels today I picked up Chia seeds. I cannot wait to eat like the Tarahuamara :) I'm trying them tomorrow! I also … [Read more...]

Back to Reality


This morning started with a great, but cold 4 mile run. Even though it was chilly I was so happy to be running in MD again :) Then, I had an early appointment so I had to grab breakfast on the go. I took a yogurt and pear for the ride. The yogurt was not good, but it was the best option at my store which doesn't carry Greek. I got an iced coffee and broke open my cereal for … [Read more...]

Is that a banana in your purse?


I am currently flying high above the clouds on my way back to MD. But, before I got on the plane airport security stopped me because of a suspicious item in my purse – a banana. I can only imagine what they thought it was, but Ben’s random comment of the day is: Ben: “Miss, I'm sorry but, you can’t use a dildo on the plane, it may distract the pilots...” This morning we … [Read more...]

Feliz Navidad!


Hello and a belated Merry Christmas to you! I've been having too much fun and too much food with my family. The combination of being on "vacation", the holiday and so many family events has me up a few pounds fast! But, I'm ready to get back on track because I want to feel better. California eatin' has included tamales, lots of tamales, I'm glad we only have them once a … [Read more...]

I Fell…Again


I always say that I fall about three times a year. I was super nervous I was going to fall at my wedding and luckily I didn't. But, I did fall today. Hard. (This is the uneventful recap of my last fall while running.) I went on 3 mile run with my friend, Susan... We had just started running and mid-sentence my foot hit a bump on the path and I completely ate shit. I guess … [Read more...]

Sucker for “Suggestions”


I am such a sucker for "suggestions". If I see someone eat a certain food I enjoy I end up craving it until I get it. Today a woman at the salon was eating soup in the waiting room (I know that was random). I saw her eating away and totally got a craving for crappy canned soup. I ended up eating it as part of dinner - with added veggies! Lunch was a veggie sandwich with 1/2 … [Read more...]

Running On Sunshine


Greetings from California!!! I was running on sunshine this morning and couldn't be happier :) My heart is aching with happiness right now. I started the day with an 11 mile run on the Long Beach bike path. This is my favorite running route ever! I used to drive out here every weekend to do run here and finally moved to the LBC for a year after college. Good times! When … [Read more...]

Up In The Air!


Hello from the air! I am currently flying over Indiana on my way to SoCal!! I’m very excited to get home and see my family and pets. I am so homesick and miss them so much. This will be a much needed dose of family time! I was running around like crazy today. I waited until the last minute to pack and needed to get a weekend fish feeder. I’m not the biggest fan of the … [Read more...]

What’s This Taste Like?


Mary Training: I think I'm going to do a longish run tomorrow morning, so I decided to take today as a rest day. I did some strength moves on my own and used the ottoman as a stepper while watching Ruby :) I have been loving smoothies lately and today I made another one for breakfast. I add xantham gum and it really makes them thicker. But today my smoothie didn't taste like … [Read more...]

5K for Breast Cancer


My friend Susan is organizing a 5K fundraiser for breast cancer December 27th. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. If you are in the Montebello area December 27th,  I'd like to invite you to participate. This is the first time the group has organized something like this so it will be a very small, informal … [Read more...]