Wake Up!


Today I went on a mission for energy beverages to give me a boost during my afternoon slump. I came back with two things - Zevia soda (which I've already tried) and Zenergize. Both are sweetened with Stevia :) Zenergize are drink tablets with B vitamins, anti-oxidants, ginseng and caffeine. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm excited to see if it works :) I also walked out … [Read more...]

Off Schedule


My schedule is "off" lately because I've been getting up later, running later and eating breakfast super late! This means I am super empty for a big breakfast and throw off the rest of the day's eats. Before I left for my run this morning I had a small bowl of Clifford Crunch because it was on sale I want to feel like I'm eight years old. Training: I did 6 miles with … [Read more...]

Stink No More!


Remember when I was all excited about my new running shoes? Well, after running in them a few times I've decided they didn't offer enough support so I took them back today. I traded them in for a pair of old faithfuls, Adidas Supernova... The salesman mentioned that I get 25% off of everything today (and today was the last day). So, I wandered around the store so I could … [Read more...]