Angel-ed Eggs


Instead of the classic deviled egg recipe, I created a new and improved version of deviled eggs today. They are called "Angel-ed Eggs". It's my healthy take on deviled eggs. First, I hard boiled a bunch of eggs (the more the merrier). I removed the shell and cut them in half. Then, I carefully took the egg yolks out and set them aside. Finally, I filled the egg whites with … [Read more...]

Almost Eight


I almost left for my run at eight o'clock (it was around 7:40am). I almost ran eight miles today (it was really 7.87). Before I left I had some cereal, it was probably almost eight times what is pictured here. Give or take ;) I almost eight ate oatmeal, but decided I needed to use up the cottage cheese so I went with that. I made a bowl of fruit, cottage cheese, nuts, trail … [Read more...]

All I Want For Christmas…

born to run

I was reading the latest issue of Runner's World last night (while watching The Biggest Loser) and squealed with delight when I found their "Best of" section. It sparked inspiration for my my Christmas list(minus one or two things). Normally I forget what I want and blank when people ask me, but this year I made a list. I don't actually expect to get these things from anyone … [Read more...]

Favorite Vegetable


Brussel Sprouts are my favorite vegetable of the Fall and Winter. I am a HUGE SALAD girl during the warmer months, but when it comes to cooked veggies - brussels are the way to go. I roasted up a sheet pan of them and Ben and I ate them all with dinner. The sauce: 1 teaspoon each: soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha, maple syrup, PB. Mix and toss on veggies. Roast at 400 … [Read more...]