Slippery Snow


Wow! I thought it was slippery after the rain. Nope! It was SUPER SLIPPERY today after it snowed this weekend. I felt soooo hardcore running with snow all around me this morning. Who am I? This California girl is out of place here, but I am slip-slopping along. I even put on my wool socks to keep my toes from freezing! It was gorgeous out with everything dusted white. But - … [Read more...]



Ben and I definitely felt like snowbirds this weekend. We went to Florida for a day and a half and came back to this! This is the first time my little car has ever felt snow. I felt bad that I left her out in the cold weather this weekend :( We didn't have an ice scraper, so Ben had to use his arm! After a very rainy Saturday, this morning looked like it was going to be … [Read more...]