I may have left a few details out…


There was a mix up with some stuff this morning plus Ben called in sick to work so I wasn't able to leave for my run until 11am. That is super super late for me. By that time I was hungry so made a wrap with egg whites and ketchup before I left. Then, I was off on my 4 mile run! Ben offered to take a picture of me because he thought I looked ridiculous. Little does he know … [Read more...]

Positive Post


Hello Hello :) Sorry for the bummer (yet funny) post last night. I'm starting this day with a positive post to make up for it. In the spirit of Christmas I thought I'd show you my fabulous dollar store Christmas decorations... Here is my $1.00 Mistletoe. I hope this doesn't relay the message to Ben that it only takes a dollar for him to have his way with me. And our yard … [Read more...]

F My Diet


Today was a diet disaster: The only things I took pics of were beans and an orange ( I didn't eat the beans out of a can like some grizzly camper) . I also ate a ton of random crap. So,  Intuitive Eating was a major fail today. I think somewhat because I was a glass case of emotion (jump to 4:06 on the clip). Anchor Man Much like my views on Santa Claus, I want … [Read more...]