Elliptical Swap


I swapped my run this morning for 30 minutes on the elliptical. I actually hate that trade since I get bored and don't feel like it's a good workout, but I thought the sidewalk would be too slippery for a run (I heard a very icy rain hitting our windows last night). After the elliptical I took a walk and called some friends :) I ate breakfast before working out today - cereals … [Read more...]

Paula’s Recipe


Paula is my mom: She actually doesn't have recipes for anything. She's like me in that she just kinda throws stuff together and hopes it will be good :) (Sorry Mom, it's true.) So, I kinda followed her "recipe" for dinner tonight by doing the same thing. She used to make a dish with polish sausage, potatoes and tomato sauce. I used chicken sausage this because I've been … [Read more...]