It’s a Sign


I am currently obsessed with taking pictures of signs. I stop all the time and bust out the camera to take a picture of random signs. Today I did it in the post office: When the Post Office commercial comes on I think it says "If it fits, It Shits!" and laugh to myself every time. Lame, but funny to me - and that's what really matters, right? Before I left home I had a … [Read more...]

Tree Down and Bowl of Volume

downed tree

I got an important call during my run so I stopped and stood in place while I chatted. I didn't want to keep walking because I stopped right by this tree. It must have fell during my run because it wasn't blocking the path on the way out (the first time I passed it). But, on my way back there was a big ol' tree in my way! Stopping on my run gave the cold air time to find my … [Read more...]