2009 Resolutions Revisited


2009 is almost over and I'm already planning my 2010 Resolutions! I love fresh starts and have been working on my goals diligently :) For a little "flash-back Friday" action here were my 2009 Resolutions: 1. Run a marathon (and 2 half marathons) *Full marathon, Half Mary, Another Half Done and Done :) 2. Spend some “date time” with Matt every week * I did this until I … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget


I am so anxious to get out the door to mail off these letters I almost forgot to blog! Ha, that never happens. Yes, sometimes I don't blog in a timely manner, but it's still on my mind. I guess there's a lot of different thoughts running through my head today :) First things first - I've been starting my day with a small bowl of cereal since I have gotten into a pattern of … [Read more...]

Cream Sauce


I have never bought cream based pasta sauce before. It's one of those things I realize is very high in fat and calories and try to avoid or at least keep to eating when we go out. Well, I recently had a coupon for this one and decided to go for it! Of course this is the dinner when Ben says, "This is sooo good!" It's like he knows something is "bad" and loves it … [Read more...]