Two Crazy New Finds

I came across two crazy new food finds today. I love trying new food :)

Can you guess what the first one is? Here is a picture:IMG_3197

Did you guess Salt & Pepper Fava Beans? If so, you’re right!


The other find isn’t as crazy, but I’m crazy about it!

Kashi has a new cereal out – Go Lean Crisp. I am obsessed with most things Kashi, so even though I left my Kashi cereal coupon at home (I thought I brought my coupons, but forgot them) I had to have it! I seriously ripped into this box as soon as I got into the car. IMG_3200

This is similar to the Kashi Crunch – but better. It’s not as hard and deadly to your mouth (c’mon we all know Go Lean Crunch is killer hard!). I.Love.It. New obsession all the way. Thank you Kashi :)IMG_3204

The only negative is the high calorie count for 3/4c serving. Their other Go Lean Crunch cereals have a 1 cup serving size with the same calorie count. IMG_3203My other eats for the day included a fabulous salad bar run. I think this container is meant as a party tray. Ha.IMG_3206

And cookies :) Cookies are a necessary evil in my life lately… I had super high expectations for these cookies because I’ve been eyeing them for weeks and they were on sale today. But, they were just okay. IMG_3209

In other news, my case of seltzer managed to rip open on the way into my apartment and fall everywhere. I only lost one though :)

Random Monica Fact: Lately I’ve been completely loving your comments. So many times in the last few days I’ve read your comments and loudly said “Ha!” (when they’re funny) or “Awwww! That’s so sweet!!” (when they’re sweet and supportive).

Thank you :)


  1. says


    omg. go lean crunch? my jaw gets the best workout from that! haahah.

    was it the dark school boy cookie? i remember those. i kinda used to eat them like this: using teeth, scrape off all chocolate. then eat cookie. repeat! =D

  2. Kate G. says

    NEW KASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O god i am obsessed with all things kashi you totally just made my day… now… time to go hunt down all grocery stores in my area until i find it!

  3. says

    i thought they were called broad beans? anyways, i love it too!!!! yum! They have alot of it here in msia which look exactly the same!

  4. says

    want to be my personal salad maker? looks yummy. as does that cookie — reminds me from something in my childhood but it’s bugging me that i can’t place it. oh well :)

  5. says

    Oh!!! So excited about that Kashi cereal! I have a free box so I’m definitely using my coupon on that new find :-) Thanks for the update!

  6. says

    my dad loves dried fava beans!! thank you for the pics and NEW KASHI!!! ahh I must find that!!! they just keep coming put wiht more and more delicious food! and as I am writing this I am watching a commercial for kashi totally coincidence hahaaa

  7. Sveta says

    OMG, i have so had that. A product just stares you right in the eye every time your at the supermarket. You try to ignore it. You end up thinking about it, imagining it will be mind blowing.

    Then i have it and BLAH! Cant believe i wasted my money and calories on that crap…

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