Cafeteria Style


I went to a smallish Catholic school from 1st through 12th grade. Yes, I was a Catholic School girl, see... Anyways, I never had a cafeteria and always felt like I missed out. I actually say that I love cafeteria food because of this - I think I have convinced myself it's good in my mind. Well, I fell in love with this child's food tray at Target the other day and had to … [Read more...]

Phase Two: Observation (Over)


Hello hello! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had a day of crappy eats and didn't really want to own up to it. By crappy I mean Chinese take-out and drinking eggnog out of the carton. Guilty as charged :) I ordered Pei Wei and for some reason I ordered it extra spicy and it was killer! I loved it though :) Intuitive Eating - Phase Two of my path to Intuitive Eating was … [Read more...]