What is that?


I bet you're wondering what this is... I had a bit of a pancake disaster this morning. I made my usual "throw  random ingredients in the blender" pumpkin pancake recipe and the first one came out great! But, the batter seemed a little thick so I added some more almond milk. That made them too runny and impossible to flip. So, I had to cook it like scrambled eggs. They … [Read more...]

Fancy Eggnog


My eggnog is fancy because I'm drinking it out of a champagne glass. I just got this very fancy glass for $.98 because I love champagne, but am constantly breaking glasses :) I don't know why Ben is so shocked that I'm drinking eggnog? Dinner was TJ's black bean soup pimped out with added kidney beans and corn. Then, I topped it with tortilla chips and cheese. I also roasted … [Read more...]