Favorite Christmas Movie


I can't decide on my absolute favorite Christmas movie but my top ones include: - Home Alone - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version) - Elf - Muppet's Christmas and.... Bridget Jones's Diary! I saw this movie at a discount store for $5.00 the other day and had to have it! I plan on watching it later (with popcorn of course) as a reward for … [Read more...]

Better Than Nothing


Today was a rest day from running for me, and Ben wants to start exercising regularly. We only had about 20 minutes today before he had to start getting ready for work, but that's better than nothing! So, we went for it and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical :) If you only have a little bit of time to work out - go for it! You'll be happy that you did something over … [Read more...]

Picky Picky


While I don't think I'm a picky eater, I do think I'm a picker. Not a nose picker (well, sometimes), but  a food picker. I am always grabbing a bite of this or a handful of that. Needless to say much of this goes undocumented :( My afternoon snacks were a handful of Kashi crackers (on sale at Target), a piece of raisin bread and PB out of the jar. Busted. Since I don't have … [Read more...]