RIP Garmin


My Garmin is dying. It might already be dead actually. It wouldn't turn on this morning and I tried the holding down both front buttons trick and it would turn on for a second and then turn off :( If it's really dead I'm just going to have to sell a kidney for another one. I have to have it since I don't have routes memorized around here. Boo :( I'm trying to charge it … [Read more...]

Fresh, Homemade Bread – Easy Style


I have always wanted to bake my own whole wheat bread and actually got a used bread maker before we moved. But, along with some of my most prized possessions I had to leave it in CA :( But, today I searched the web for a super easy bread recipe with the ingredients I already had on hand. I don't have yeast - so I had to find a recipe without one of the most common … [Read more...]