This is why you’re poor


"This is why you're poor" is my very own version of "This is why you're fat" Bowl of cherries (plus seconds) at $4.50 a pound This is why you're poor Good thing there is "Blogger Foodstamps" aka free samples or contest winnings for bloggers.Yesterday I got my winnings from Tina's Eggland's best contest. Heck yes I now have a ton of coupons for eggs!!! Plus a little stuffed … [Read more...]

The Sky Is Falling!!!


No, literally the sky is going to be falling - in the form of snow, Saturday morning... Sat Dec 19 Heavy Snow / Wind 30° 26° This means my last long run, the long run I really need to do because last weekend I only did 14 miles will be snowed out. I asked some advice of fellow MDer and Marathoner, Roni. She, and others, agreed that the sidewalks may be too … [Read more...]

Warning: I will bite your head off


Warning: If you are a gingerbread man wandering along through my neighborhood.... I will bite your head off. Then, I will eat the rest of you. Yum! In addition to the last of my g-bread cookies I had a feast at Costco today! I don't know what was going on, but they pulled out all the stops today! Check out my Costco Feast: - Cheese ravioli - Mozarella cheese - … [Read more...]