Running On Sunshine


Greetings from California!!! I was running on sunshine this morning and couldn't be happier :) My heart is aching with happiness right now. I started the day with an 11 mile run on the Long Beach bike path. This is my favorite running route ever! I used to drive out here every weekend to do run here and finally moved to the LBC for a year after college. Good times! When … [Read more...]

Up In The Air!


Hello from the air! I am currently flying over Indiana on my way to SoCal!! I’m very excited to get home and see my family and pets. I am so homesick and miss them so much. This will be a much needed dose of family time! I was running around like crazy today. I waited until the last minute to pack and needed to get a weekend fish feeder. I’m not the biggest fan of the … [Read more...]