I Fell…Again


I always say that I fall about three times a year. I was super nervous I was going to fall at my wedding and luckily I didn't. But, I did fall today. Hard. (This is the uneventful recap of my last fall while running.) I went on 3 mile run with my friend, Susan... We had just started running and mid-sentence my foot hit a bump on the path and I completely ate shit. I guess … [Read more...]

Sucker for “Suggestions”


I am such a sucker for "suggestions". If I see someone eat a certain food I enjoy I end up craving it until I get it. Today a woman at the salon was eating soup in the waiting room (I know that was random). I saw her eating away and totally got a craving for crappy canned soup. I ended up eating it as part of dinner - with added veggies! Lunch was a veggie sandwich with 1/2 … [Read more...]