Back to Reality


This morning started with a great, but cold 4 mile run. Even though it was chilly I was so happy to be running in MD again :) Then, I had an early appointment so I had to grab breakfast on the go. I took a yogurt and pear for the ride. The yogurt was not good, but it was the best option at my store which doesn't carry Greek. I got an iced coffee and broke open my cereal for … [Read more...]

Is that a banana in your purse?


I am currently flying high above the clouds on my way back to MD. But, before I got on the plane airport security stopped me because of a suspicious item in my purse – a banana. I can only imagine what they thought it was, but Ben’s random comment of the day is: Ben: “Miss, I'm sorry but, you can’t use a dildo on the plane, it may distract the pilots...” This morning we … [Read more...]