Craziest Year Ever Part II


The second half of 2009 started with my "Road Trip Across America". It was fun, scary, tiring, overwhelming and more! Then, I started a new job, went to Belize and got super homesick. It's been an adventure and the craziest year of my life!!! July - We started in Las Vegas Baby! The Road Trip to End All! Then hit up Salt Lake City. So Salty Road trip: Yellowstone Where we … [Read more...]

Weird Night

ben hiking in FL

Last night was very weird. I woke up around 4am after having the worst dream that my brother was dead. It was so real I woke up with tears in my eyes. Thanks to the time difference and his late work schedule, I called him and he was still up. But, I do think I freaked him out a bit. Sorry Michael, but I had to hear your voice :) That woke up Ben and then he couldn't go back … [Read more...]