January Challenge: Meatless Mondays


I want to make 2010 my healthiest year ever and I have a lot of health related goals that I want to incorporate into my life. I decided instead of overwhelming myself with 12 different things, I would take one step toward a healthier life each month. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to recommit to being vegetarian (I've been on and off for almost ten years). But, I wanted … [Read more...]

Blogging Pants


Chandra, from Chandra's Shenanigans recently sent me the Blogging Pants. This concept was started by Faith, and was inspired by the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Now these pants travel from blogger to blogger passing on positive words :) Rules of the pants (some borrowed from the book): Be your beautiful self and live vivaciously! Have fun! You must never say … [Read more...]

Cheese Please!


Despite the frigid temperatures, I reluctantly left my apartment and went to the store today. Ben has been wanting to explore the world of cheese so we went to Trader Joes today to try a few new kinds. We ended up with three to try plus some crackers: Dutch Gouda Some French Cheese Sharp Cheddar I made a fancy plate so I wouldn't eat it all while cutting it up. … [Read more...]