January Challenge: Meatless Mondays

I want to make 2010 my healthiest year ever and I have a lot of health related goals that I want to incorporate into my life. I decided instead of overwhelming myself with 12 different things, I would take one step toward a healthier life each month.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to recommit to being vegetarian (I’ve been on and off for almost ten years). But, I wanted to include the blog and Ben in this step towards a healthier life. So, January’s Health Challenge is – Meatless Mondays.

Each Monday I will make a dinner that is meatless, simple and dee-lish! Suggestion: If you’re already a vegetarian maybe you could try a new recipe or a new bean or veggie on Mondays?

I will have to make the meal something that a meat-eater (Ben) would eat (without topping it with meat) so stay tuned if you have a carnivore you’re feeding too :)

Today Ben and I hit the gym for some much needed exercise. It is so hard to be stuck inside, but it’s brutally cold out! I did 30 min on the treadmill and then walked while reading a mag.

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with cottage cheese added for protien and cherries. Even though this breakfast was just as high in calories as my usual morning eats I was hungry less than two hours later (I can get close to four hours with oats).IMG_3755

After church and an errand I came home to a big salad (I really wanted to hit up the local salad bar, but showed some restraint to my wallet).IMG_3757

…and baked Cheetos. Why did I even buy this crack?!IMG_3759

I couldn’t keep my hand out of the Cheetos bag so I put an apple in it! Chomp, chomp!IMG_3761But…now I’m hungry again! I suspect that starting my day with something other than oats or PB loaded ww bread throws me off some how the rest of the day! I love cereal, but you guys know it doesn’t love me back.

“Move” News: Here is the Fitness trends for 2010

People are busy and many are experiencing economic difficulties – these are things affecting fitness trends.

Question: What impacts your work-outs (or lack of work-outs)???


  1. says

    Only you would think to put cottage cheese in cereal. Incredible. As for the baked cheetos, forget about it. Its all about the 100 calorie packs with those suckers. Do you usually go to church? I feel like you haven’t mentioned that before. The reason I ask is because I’ve been meaning to go (meaning=thought pops in my mind every now and again.) I do want to go but I cannot seem to get motivated.

  2. says

    Oooh I can’t wait to hear about your Meatless Mondays either! I always struggle to think of good, filling vegetarian meals, so I’ll be interested to see what you do!
    I actually made, if I do say so myself…an amazing hazelnut and spinach lasagne the other day, which was really filling!
    Hopefully I’ll post the recipe on my (brand spanking new, one day old!!) blog soon!
    I’m surprised you didn’t find the cottage cheese very fillinf :s have you tried cooking it with oats? I used to have for breakfast 1/2cup oats mixed with cottage cheese and banana, and a splash of water and cinnamon, microwaved together, and it was DELICIOUS! Very filling :)

    Anyways, good luck with all your healthy living goals. I love reading your blog, and I must say, I find your running SO inspiring. I’m training for my first half marathon (Feb 7th), and I often think about all the true marathon runners (like you!) while I’m out there, it makes me run faster! Thanks everso :)

    (Oh and if anyone wants to check out my blog…feel free!! foodfitnessandfreya.wordpress.com)

  3. says

    What impacts my work-outs? Definitely me! I can usually find the time most days but sometimes I talk myself out of it for really lame, no good reasons.
    Whoa do I love baked cheetos, too!!

  4. says

    i really like how youre doing monthly challenges instead of 12 things at once. as for what impacts my workouts…i guess the weather. i typically have a “come hell or high water” attitude so i know i’ll always get *something* in but the weather sometimes forces me to shift what i might want to do

  5. Lizz says

    The cold weather (Grand Rapids, MI), larger amount of “stuff” to do, and the cost of gyms! Omigosh, I’m an AmeriCorps*VISTA (a poverty initative) and chose to live at the poverty line for a year. Even though it was my choice, it’s still hard to give up some of things I love. Lower cash means less healthy food, less earth-conscience food (which is awful), and bigger waistlines. Erg!!! It’s boring to work out at home all the time in the winter but it must be done.

    PS- I’m so stealing the “meatless Monday” idea!!

  6. says

    I get my boyfriend to eat vegetarian meals all the time. I think the trick is making the meal bulky (or cheesy). I have a ton of recipes on my blog!

    Good luck with Meatless Mondays!

  7. says

    I’m doing a meatless month one of these months…. I just forgot exactly what month. What impacts my workouts? Time and motivation. Stupid reasons but they are basically what impacts my workouts. I need to get over them because they are simply excuses I cannot live with.

  8. says

    I’m going vegetarian this year — so far, so good! — and I think trying a new recipe/ingredient every Monday is a great idea!

    As for your question, stress is the #1 thing that impacts my workout schedule (usually negatively). If I’ve had a stressful day at work (or just a bad day in general), all I want to do is curl up in a ball on the couch and do nothing…except maybe eat. :-/

  9. says

    I just read that by switching just one dinner a week to meatless, a family of 4 can save $1000 a year!! Another good incentive to eat veggies!!

    Also, I am the same way with cereal and have pretty much had to stop eating it for breakfast…I do miss it though.

  10. Erica H. says

    I love the idea of a monthly challenge!! It seems like it will make it a lot easier to stick to new years resolutions … which i always seem to forgot about!

  11. says

    I love the idea of Meatless Mondyas, I’m trying to get back to less meat in my weekly diet. I foudn a yummy alternative for my Boyfriend: Quorn-Meatless/Soy-Free grounds. Looks and taste liek real meat.

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