Who am I?

I’m currently sipping on iced coffee. This is kinda weird for me and got me thinking – “Who am I?”

I have recently developed this new coffee habit and didn’t really think anything of it until I keep reading about so many people who try to cut back on coffee. I figure it’s a lot better than Diet Coke (especially when I sweeten it with Stevia!). I’m not too stressed about my random vices – except nighttime snacking. IMG_3788

I ate lunch in parts, starting with a big salad topped with TJ’s peanut dressing and chickpeas.IMG_3781

Then, I had a bagel with PB&PB and cherries. Cherries are probably my most expensive “vice”.IMG_3782

I added a new page to my About tab – Pictures. It was weird how looking at pics of my life and thinking about all my weight fluctuations is kind of emotional.

Question: Do you have any habits that other people think are “bad”, but you’ll keep on doing anyways?

A: I’m sticking with incorporating more coffee into my life – I’m hoping all the claims about increasing athletic endurance and curbing your appetite are true :) I think this vice is actually kinda lame, I wish I was addicted to hookers and blow… at least it would sound so cool.


  1. Jessica says

    CHEESE! i can’t help it, i refuse to give it up. Plus, I go for the rich and luxurious cheeses. In my aerobic class we were talking about the foods that we’ve cut back on or gone generic due to the recession. There are plenty of “unnecessary” foods that i cut back on but cheese is not, nor will ever be one of them whether its due to economy or healthy eating habits.

    fyi – just found your blog today and am loving it. i’ve become addicted to blogs such as yours in the past few months (carrots n cake, fitnessista, healthy tipping point, kerf, etc). they’ve inspired me to approach my health and view my body differently.

    so.. thanks!

    keep up the good work. i too have always been in your shoes it seems. i have the epic bum (mexican ghetto booty as my fiance loves to call it). Us latin girls have curves and sometimes it gets difficult when we try to compare ourselves to other. my goal for this year is to stop comparing my body to others but grow an appreciation for its uniqueness.

    thanks for letting me vent.

  2. says

    GUM! Gum, all the time, every day…it’s a foul habit and one I can’t escape! Thank goodness I kicked my diet coke habit before it was too late 😛
    All the posting about coffee though….I don’t want to get addicted to that too! lol it is quite a tame vice though, I agree…

  3. says

    hookers and blow? gah i love u and ur humor, because its like mine. if i had a vice, it’d be coffee, artificial sweetener, liquor on weekend nights, and shopping at Urban Outiffters. But hell, Im 22 so my vices are a-okay by me. Maybe when I turn 50 I will calm it down. I think your “vices” are normal. Just do your thing girl, and if u like 2 or 5 cups a day, go for it!


  4. says

    I’ve gone through periods where I drank like 5 cups of coffee a day, so now my 1-2 cups seems ok with me. I suppose it’s a vice, but I’m definitely not concerned about giving it up. I just make sure to drink water for the rest of the day, and enjoy my love for strong coffee. With organic sugar. Boo ya.

    Not many “food” related vices. I don’t really rely on anything else besides coffee on a daily basis. Maybe peanut butter…and I’m NOT giving that up.

    Other vices…if we’re talking non-food related, it’s definitely reality TV. I know that it poisons my brain each time I watch Jersey Shore or Tough Love or the new Real World (in DC…woot woot!)…but I do it anyway. It keeps my DVR full, and my life interesting on weeknights after the gym. =)

  5. says

    I love coffe as well, trying to drink more tea now!!!

    Hmmmm bad habits would be cramming cereal, I need to stop buying it, everytime I see a new ceral I have to have it, then that leads to nightime snacking!!! Bad for me!

    I also have an Ugg problem, I have to have every style, every color, Im an Uggaholic, but hey the first step is to admit you have a problem right? So im doing good!!!

    Happy New Year!!! xoxo

  6. says

    I go through phases with coffee – am currently on a coffee kick and FINALLY made myself my own coffee this morning, rather than going to the Bucks. Other bad habits? Maybe nighttime snacking and being a bit of a packrat. I like to think I’m sentimental, but my husband, and the stacks of old Runners World magazines disagree 😉

  7. says

    “who am i?” ahah that will always remind me of zoolander :) and i will never give up my daily diet coke with lime. ever. definitely not as cool as hooker and/or blow heh

  8. says

    I probably have my daily serving of salt by the end of breakfast. I love salt and use it in appalling amounts. No plans on quiting though.
    Also, I’m on my 6th or 8th coffee of the day.

  9. says

    I drink coffee every morning. I don’t feel bad about it because I only drink 1.5 cups. I’m always sure to drink water the rest of the day afterward. Sometimes I’ll grab something at Starbucks in the evening before class, but it’s rare.

    I also drink too much wine, according to my mother. :)

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