Breakfast Bowl and Marathon Lessons

This morning I used half a cantaloupe as my “breakfast bowl”. IMG 3803 400x300 Breakfast Bowl and Marathon LessonsI filled it up with cottage cheese, cereal, chia seeds and trail mix. It was delicious and took a while to eat because I had to scoop out the cantaloupe as I ate it. Love it! This would also work with yogurt and granola icon smile Breakfast Bowl and Marathon Lessons IMG 3807 400x300 Breakfast Bowl and Marathon Lessons

Marathon Tapering – Since it is only a few days before the marathon (!!!) I am deep into taper mode. This morning I did 4 miles on the treadmill. As much I as don’t like it, the treadmill has been my best friend these last two weeks.

I am truly afraid of how I will perform on Sunday. I actually already have knots in my stomach and couldn’t sleep well last night. But, I am really going to try and just enjoy it and try to finish with a good time and have a good time doing it.

Glenn Jones mentioned something in the comments that I have always believed: “It is better to be 10% under-trained then, 1% over-trained.” I believe it.

My first (and only other) marathon was last February. Here are some of the lessons I learned from that training experience (which was very different from this training experience).

Marathon Lesson: Chafing, yeah you heard me

Marathon Lesson: Meet You

Marathon Lesson: I got sick of running

Marathon Lesson: Hunger!!!

Marathon Lesson: How I Carb Load

Marathon Lesson: Don’t Over Train

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    You are going to have a GREAT race on Sunday. You’ve done the work, logged the miles, and taken care of yourself. The best thing you can do now is breathe!! :)

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    What a cute idea of the cantaloupe cereal bowl!

    Good luck with the marathon this weekend!!! Just think about how nice it will be to be running in FL out of the icy-cold MD weather! :)

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    hi monica!!!!! good luck with taper :) i love using cantelope as a bowl. i used to put cottage cheese in it. since being a vegan i should find a good substitute.

    i wanted to pass along an article to you that really touched me. and as one of the most honest-open people i “know” about real-person food issues, i wanted to send it to you to read. i read it actually months ago, and then it was re-sent to me by Oprah’s flyer service :) i love getting email flyers. anyway, re-reading it months later, i just realized how true the advice is and it is inspiring.

    read it!!! let me know what you think :)

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    That’s an awesome idea for a breakfast bowl, I want to try!
    I think the knots in your stomach are exctiement, not nerves (that’s what I always told myself before big competitions – it works!). And I genuinely think you’re going to be fine. You’ve put so much in, and I’m a big believer in the ‘You get out what you put in’ mantra.
    Just going in to enjoy it is definetly the right attitude. Good luck!! You’ll be great :)

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    Your breakfast bowl looks so fresh and colorful!
    I went to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy this past year and I got garlic ice cream in a cantaloupe there!

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    What a great idea for a bowl! Now to go find a few watermelons – those Texas sized ones….

    Sounds like you are ready Monica. when you accept taper for what it is , that pretty much means you’re ready. I fought the whole burnout/overtraining thing when I was training for Long Beach. IN fact, it wasn;t until the last month of 2009 when my 1500 mile goal was in jeopardy that I rekindled my running zen. Now, I’m actually cutting back on running and adding a couple days of rowing in my schedule.

    Good luck this weekend!

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