One More Resolution

I know I already made a pretty lengthy list of New Year’s Resolutions, but I have to add one more:

2010 New Year’s Resolution: Stop Eating After Dinner

I thought it would just be a part of my goal of Intuitive Eating, but this habit is dying hard so it needs to be said. I realized this last night, (after a good day of Intuitive Eating) that I was snacking after dinner. Again. I am determined to stop this now. Now!

Lunch! I was really craving pizza for lunch so I made a pita pizza icon smile One More Resolution IMG 3811 400x300 One More Resolution

A handful of carrots and an apple rounded out the meal. Those aren’t specks of dirt on my hands – those are scabs from my “Great Fall of 2009“. IMG 3808 400x300 One More Resolution

Question: Someone mentioned they suddenly got a bunch of new posts in their Google reader for Run,Eat,Repeat. Is this happening to anyone else?

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  1. says

    I had a flatbread pizza for lunch yesterday. Mmmmm! I try to limit myself to one snack/dessert after dinner or two if I’m really hungry. This plan usually works pretty well, because otherwise I end up feeling deprived. Good luck!
    PS-I have a blog now!

  2. beth says

    I’m a bit of a late night snacker too, but part of me thinks it is because I don’t eat enough throughout the day when my body needs the fuel the most. I have seen major improvments by eating at least 600 calories at breakfast. Maybe try doubling your breakfast to make it your biggest meal and taper throughout the day. Chances are that you may want less food at night. Just a thought :)

  3. Amy says

    happened to me too. And I think your blog is showing up twice in my reader too. Weird.

    And hi! love your blog – read it all the time. Thanks for being REAL! I can totally relate.

  4. says

    are you snacking on “unhealthy” foods? i don’t see an inherent problem with eating after dinner as i typically have fruit and oatmeal after dinner. i think it depends on if youre munching just to eat/are bored and what it is youre actually eating cookies/cake vs fruit.

  5. alisa says

    My thoughts – You are probably eating too many carbs. This was my problem (I am a runner too). Carb overdose produces cravings at at any and all times (I was hungry all the time – period). The meal you describe here – Pizza, carrots and an apple is basically sugar and some saturated fat (from a macronutrient perspective). Try meals that are mostly protein and good fats, and limit carbs to two hours before and two hours after a run (or night before for first thing in the morning runs). This is what I do and I am a runner too – 35 mi / week, tho I do not run marathons, but heck, you may want to give this angle a try. It worked for me.

  6. says

    I struggle with nighttime snacking on sweets/chocolate. Instead of stopping cold turkey I am focusing on portion control first. Instead of 2 scoops of icecream only have one…. we shall see.
    About the reader – it didn’t happen with your bog but with someone elses – all of a sudden I have 26 blog posts to read when it is has not been pulling over. My thought is that google fixed something and it effected some blogs being pulled over. No big deal. You just have to roll with it.

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