Eating out…again

I’ve eaten out the last three meals! I know that’s what happens when you travel, but we normally eat at Ben’s parents most of the time when we visit.

On our way to Ben’s sister’s place I ate some all of these cherries. If cherries were illegal I would be in and out of jail my entire life. Addiction.IMG 3868 400x300 Eating out...again

For lunch we hit up a local Mexican place. Even though I feel like I’ve been eating a lot I was HUNGRY! I dug into those chips like there ain’t nothing wrong. IMG 3870 400x300 Eating out...again

I also ordered a black bean soup to slow down my chip consumption. My plan only worked a bit since I had already eaten most of the basket.IMG 3871 400x300 Eating out...again

And for my main course (is this a three course lunch?) I got a big salad with beans as my protien. I’ve been craving big salads so much lately icon smile Eating out...again IMG 3873 400x300 Eating out...again

After lunch Ben and I took our nephew, Owen, and his sister’s dog for a walk. I just want to be outside all the time here! IMG 3878 300x400 Eating out...again

Baby on board! IMG 3876 300x400 Eating out...again

I picked this up from the store – it was on sale and I need to hydrate! But – it was too sweet! For me to say that, you know it was super sweet. “This is too sweet!” = words Monica doesn’t normally say.IMG 3881 300x400 Eating out...againI’m really bummed that I shouldn’t go for a run tomorrow or Saturday. I want to take advantage of this great running weather! But, I know I will get more than enough running in on Sunday!!!

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  1. says

    I hate eating out too often, I get sick of rich food after a while! At least a big salad is a good meal :) and those cherries look DELICIOUS! They’re such a beautiful colour :)
    You must be so excited about Sunday! I wish I was doing a marathon, you’ve inspired me soo much!! Have a great day :)

  2. says

    in some ways i’m sooo thankful cherries are so expensive. otherwise that’s all i would eat!! and i agree re: powerade zero, it is very sweet

  3. Lauren says

    Powerade Zero is really sweet. I usually dump half into another container and then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Cutting it in half seems to help. I am so jealous of that weather. It just started snowing (again/more) here in PA. *shivers*

  4. says

    Ben + babies = most adorable thing ever.
    That second picture kind of makes Ben look like he has a tail lol.

    Resist the urge to run! You’ll be thankful Sunday!

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