Marathon Jokes

In an effort to keep the mood light (despite my anxiety about it), I’ve decided to share some marathon humor. Someecards always comes through for me…

There's no way I'd miss seeing you run the marathon unless I get distracted during the 4 seconds when you go by

Funny shirt ideas:

“This seemed like a good idea – three months ago!”

“26.2?! I thought it was 2.62!”

“Running is cheaper than therapy.”

“I’m not slow, I’m just enjoying the course!”

“This sport would be fun, if it wasn’t for all this running.”

“Marathoners like it long and hard.”

“If I don’t beat you in the race, I’ll beat you in the parking lot.”

Here are some funny images: The take a dump if you have to sign is every where on the internet.

Added bonus – I just read this chart that says losing weight will help make you faster. Losing 20 = cutting 17 minutes (estimated). I’m hoping losing twenty pounds before my next mary will be all I need to get my goal time (and quit marys forever!)!!

P.S. – Ben’s family has offered to hand me warm egg nog on the course. Thanks guys.


  1. says

    hahah BAD idea to read this post with a full bladder….and i hope that egg nog is spiked, that would make for an interesting marathon :)

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    “Running is cheaper than therapy.”
    I love this. Exercise is cheaper than therapy. That’s why I persist in trying to run or walk or something. I can’t afford therapy but I can afford to run.

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