I want to run!

IMG 2712 300x400 I want to run!

Today I am obsessed with redeeming myself after my Disney marathon! I want to run!! But, I know better than that, so for now I am obsessing over marathonguide.com looking for my next race icon smile I want to run!

My plan for marathon redemption has to be smart because I don’t want to keep doing this to myself. These are my plans for now:

- Lose weight = hopefully this will making running easier and I will get faster naturally icon smile I want to run!

- Focus on some half marys for a few months

- Sign up for a Fall or Winter marathon and train hard!

Intuitive Eating – Today it happened again – I got hungry again just an hour after lunch. I think part of my problem is I really want a decadent treat. I’ve been craving frozen yogurt and a chocolate chip cookie like crazy! But, since I don’t have any good treats in my house I end up scavenging through random stuff to feed my face.

My plan to keep treats out of the house only works if I make sure and give myself treats once a week. Also, I always indulge after a race and didn’t like up to my usual sinfulness after Disney because I wasn’t feeling well.

I think a trip to a bakery or a frozen yogurt shop – or both is in order!

Lunch was roasted brussels with onions – all I wanted was this, but I thought it wasn’t very balanced.IMG 4080 400x300 I want to run!

I also re-heated some of my super easy black bean soup and chips on the side.IMG 4082 400x300 I want to run!

I made a fancy fruit salad too. I’m sad that I bought three cantaloupes and they are not ripe at all. Doesn’t fruit salad remind you of summer? A girl can dream… Oh and, I added cottage cheese to this icon smile I want to run! IMG 4087 400x300 I want to run!

In other happy news – I used up my frequent flyer miles and bought a ticket to Vegas for a bachelorette party – then I’m driving with the girls back to LA to spend a few days with my fam. It only cost me $9.00!!! Woo-hoo icon smile I want to run!

Breathe - Ben and I made a Couple’s Resolution this year too! Time to hug it up icon smile I want to run!

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  1. says

    Great resolution!!!

    As far as marathon redemption goes, please remember to still be proud of yourself for braving the elements and FINISHING! That is the #1 most important thing!

  2. says

    Hey, Monica!
    You definetly buy yourself a frozen yogurt.
    It´s never a bad time for Fro-Yo´s!
    They´re kinda healthy :)
    And WOW!
    You got airplane tickets for US$9?
    Lucky you!
    By the way, I love reading your blog.
    I´m such a fan!
    Kisses from a brazilian reader,
    a.k.a. Fro-Yo Lover (haha)

  3. says

    i absolutely love your couples resolution! and YES fruit salad = summer. which is why i crank up the heat when i eat it. luckily i’m in a dorm so i don’t have to pay for heat. not even in the bill i get bc i am a senior ahaha

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