Edging the Cake

There are a lot of ways I consume calories without actually eating (or so I’d like to believe). One of them is “even-ing” out the edges of a cake. If there is a cake, loaf of bread or pan of brownies on a counter I will cut off a piece every time I pass by. This leads to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of calories that I’m not accounting for. This is the reason it seems like I should be losing weight, but I’m not.

Full disclosure: I finished off this whole piece of cake edge by edge over the course of the day.IMG_4236

Well, today I made a list of ways I am eating without counting it as eating. I am committing to stopping all these habits right now!

Ways I eat and not count it:

When I cut an edge of cake/bread/other sweet that’s on the counter

– Eating a piece of cookie instead of grabbing a whole one

– Eating food Ben (or Matt) left

– Samples

– Drinking Juice out of the container (I only live with Ben and we already suck face all the time, so I don’t find this gross)

– Eating while preparing a meal

Wow! That is more than I even realized!! No wonder I haven’t been losing – I’m eating all the damn time!

I am announcing this list on the blog so I stay accountable. Little changes at a time, like eliminating this bad habit, result in lasting weight loss :)

In other news – I got a bunch of fitness loot from Marshall’s yesterday. Marshall’s is another store that I should be a spokeswoman for (after Costco). I was on the hunt for a medicine ball (to do Bobbi’s ab workout) and ended up with a travel yoga mat and a stability ball! I totally scored.IMG_4221

This “travel” yoga mat can also be used at a yoga towel for on top of my mat. I’m excited to give it a test run. It feels like a thin, non-slip towel. But I’ll let you know my full review once I use it.IMG_4222

I had a stability ball in California, but it didn’t make the cut of stuff to move across the country :( Truthfully, the only thing I really use these for is sitting on as a desk chair.IMG_4224

Dinner was Chipotle! I love when Ben makes a dinner suggestion I actually want. We shared an order of chips…IMG_4239

and I got the vegetarian salad bowl with tons and tons of guac. Even though it was a lot of guac I know it’s against my Mexican heritage to let any go to waste, so I ate it all.IMG_4241

Question: Do I look like someone who plays with knives?monica in belize

Because I am. And I totally cut my hand today :( Lesson learned. The hard way. Ouch!IMG_4246

I’m off to tend to my wounds and watch movies with Ben. See you in the morning!


  1. says

    Ways I eat and not count it – I am so right there! I was doing something today (okay eating pieces of cookies in copious amounts) and finally I realized – ugh Heather, it’s really no wonder you gained weight and can’t fit in your jeans. :( I’ll tell ya – taking pics. this week really helped, but I abandoned it on the weekend. Tssk tssk. The cookie thing was kinda like a “Duh” moment. :) and :( all at once I guess.

  2. says

    I cut my hand TWICE today, cooking two separate meals (although one was totally not my fault, because a plate fell out of a cupboard and onto the knife on the counter, which then flew into my hand).

  3. Caroline says

    I decided to write down everything I put in my mouth for the past week or so and even though I’m not going to do this forever, it REALLY opened my eyes to times when I just “taste” things .. all day long!

    Andddd since I’m veg and I noticed pinto beans in your chipotle I just wanted to let you know they use pork when making the beans. I know you have been doing meatless Mondays and whatnot, so I was just sayin in case you didn’t know

  4. heather says

    I feel you on the making the edges of cakes and goodies even. I am notorious for that in my family. I will also purposefully leave the edges raggedy so that I have to go back even them up.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh… thank you for addressing this issue and being BRAVE enough to say something about it on your blog. I am sometimes in major denial about the little excess calories I take in and I also swig juice from the jug here and there. All NOT things that I am proud of but it’s inspiring to see a fit and beautiful woman like you also working to eat more intuitively and being HONEST with herself and the blog world about what’s going on.

    re amazing and good luck with I.E.


  6. says

    Oh yes…I am famous for evening out loaves of bread or eating the broken cookies. I just made some blueberry cake and some pumpkin bread, but made them both in the form of muffins, simply for portion control. With a muffins its much harder to find an end that needs evening!

  7. says

    So impressed that you posted that list. I do the same thing – especially when it comes to the few bites here and there I have while cooking, or after dinner while cleaning dishes, or while collecting my food for the next day. It really does add up!

  8. says

    Ouch! I’m sorry you got cut!! And I’m totally an “even-outer” too. It helps to pre-cut breads and brownies right after you cook them, so you won’t be as tempted to grab huge slices. =)
    <333 cor

  9. says

    I do the bits and nibbles too, and recently have been making a very conscious effort to stop. I am trying this month to do my best with eating cleaner foods and less junk, and decided that if i was going to eat it, it had to be on a plate (or sheet of foil, as is done at one of my favorite hamburger places), so that I could see how much I was eating. :-)

  10. says

    “I only live with Ben and we already suck face all the time, so I don’t find this gross.” –> Hahaha! Nice one.

    I try to be aware of the little things I do that are not good eating habits.

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