Lunch Switch and Beautiful Blogger Award


So, I ended up switching lunch and making a wrap. I tried to eat the spring rolls, but they smelled fishy and totally grossed me out. Oh well maybe Ben will eat them? Luckily, I had some of my current obsessions in my fridge - beans and guac. I cannot get enough beans lately and hope it's not my body telling me I am low on iron! I stuffed a wrap with beans, salsa, onions and … [Read more...]

Runeatrepeat Loses the Dough


I was inspired by Tina to come up with my own "Lose the Dough" plan. Tina is trying to lose the dough for her big 3-0. Since I don't have a milestone birthday this year (but love the name) I am going to Lose the Dough for the big 1-0 (as in 2010)! Her plan and goals are similar to mine, but I really believe every body is different and you must write your own diet book (or blog … [Read more...]

Unexpectedly Busy and Snacky


Today ended up being unexpectedly busy as I needed to finish up a few projects and wanted to find a gym. I didn't take pics of my food because I was very snacky and very stress snacky today. But, I'm not too worried about it right now because I still have a few things to do before I have time to care :) Today was unexpectedly beautiful! Ben and I took advantage of this rare, … [Read more...]