I love fruit too much


I just ate a whole cantaloupe. It was dee-lissh! I have a thing where once I start eating ripe fruit I cannot get enough. I think it's called "ilovefruittoomuchitis". It's quite a problem. Breakfast Habits - I think the consensus is - there is no consensus. Everyone must eat breakfast to their own tune. This means different times/foods/work-outs schedules for each of us. … [Read more...]

Fighting for Four


I stalled on going for my run and that's always bad news. After I woke up I checked email, made lunches and did some  internet research before getting ready to go. By that time it was after 9am and my stomach felt empty so I had some cereal... For some reason I was not feeling the run today and ended up fighting for four miles. I took several walk breaks and would have cut … [Read more...]

It’s been too long


It's been too long since I've had french fries because I swear when I opened this bag (in my car on the way home - busted) and ate one, my first thought was, "These are just like french fries!" I was obviously very excited and proceeded to each at least one and half servings, maybe more? Since I was heavy handed with the snacking this afternoon I listened to my body and made … [Read more...]