Fighting for Four

I stalled on going for my run and that’s always bad news. After I woke up I checked email, made lunches and did some  internet research before getting ready to go. By that time it was after 9am and my stomach felt empty so I had some cereal…IMG_4336

For some reason I was not feeling the run today and ended up fighting for four miles. I took several walk breaks and would have cut it short if it wasn’t an out and back route. Oh well, that doesn’t happen very often to me and I’m chalking it up to post-marathon recovery :)

I made a super big smoothie for breakfast. It ended up filling two glasses and I enjoyed them both. IMG_4337

I added some cereal to the top of the refill. But, I really should have added toast with PB instead. This BIG smoothie did not make me full at all. I need to eat a real breakfast or more filling snack if I am going to exercise so late. When I wait too long to eat it throws off my hunger all day. I’ve decided to eat within 30 minutes of waking up if I’m not going to exercise right away.IMG_4340After trying to let my smoothie expand in my stomach for 20 minutes I went back to the kitchen for a big handful of trail mix – heavy on the cashews. I needed fat to make me full! Much better now :)

Question: How long after you wake up do you eat? I’ve heard you should eat within about 30 min to 1 hour after waking to “break the fast” and wake up your metabolism.


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    I fall into the 30 minutes to an hour window. I also run in the morning. At 5 I’ll toss back 1/2 a granola bar or cliff and eat the rest when I come home around 6ish. I take my breakfast to work as my commute won’t let me eat at home and eat for real at 8. If I don’t eat before I run I feel terrible.

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    I think breakfast is one of those things where you have to do “what works for you”. I’m a morning exerciser and wake up and go. I might grab a snack bar but besides that I do my workout pre-breakfast and sometimes don’t eat for 3 hours after waking up.

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    I normally eat literally as soon as I wake up – a banana, a sq of chocolate – cos I run first thing, so I need fuel. I have my proper breakfast anywhere from 2-3 hrs after I wake up :)
    so relieved to read that you struggled with 4, even though you just did a marathon; the other week, I like, CRIED my way through 6, even though I can do 13 fine, and I was so disheartened. So I’m sorry you had a bad run, but on the plus you made me reassured 😛
    Have a good day!

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    I don’t exercise until the afternoon so usually time my afternoon snack to be right after working out. But I’m definitely hungry pretty soon after waking up — usually I get up, watch the news or read the paper while still in PJs for 1/2 an hour, then make breakfast before getting dressed. 30 minutes is my perfect window. :)

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    On work days, I work out first thing in the morning (about 45 minutes), shower and get ready, then have breakkie. On weekends….I aim for 30 min-1 hr after I get up, unless its a morning workout, too

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    I normally wait about an hour before I eat. I drink a large bottle of water while getting ready for the day then I make my coffee/tea and eat my 300-500 calorie breakfast.

    I don’t workout in the morning though – I prefer to do that in the late afternoons or in the evenings after dinner.

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    I have to have breakfast…I don’t know how some people skip that meal. But for me, if I’m working out first thing (meaning 5:15am) I don’t eat until I get back and get showered, which is 7:30ish. But if I don’t work out, I still eat at 7:30am but there’s not as much time between me waking and me eating. I find myself a little hungry during the early morning workouts, but I can’t fathom eating before 5:15am.

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    if i’m working out first thing then i usually have brekkie 2 hours after i get up but if i’m doing a later workout i eat practically immediately!

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    I eat within 30 minutes, I think. Some mornings I don’t – and my stomach seems to hate me. Coffee on an empty stomach? Gross.

    Can’t wait to see you tonight!

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    I usually eat when I get hungry. I’m trying to eat when I’m hungry not necessarily when I think I should eat. The past few days this has been about an hour after waking up.

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    I have to eat within 30 minutes of waking up to keep the blood sugar at the proper levels. Sometimes I wait for an hour and I feel sick too my stomach, so much acid! Currently working on getting the bf to eat breakfast too, he’s so bad!

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    I usually eat within an hour, maybe two, of waking up. I generally start with a big glass of water and then make my food for the day. If I’m running late, I’ll drink my smoothie on the way to work. I agree, waiting too long to eat totally throws off my hunger for the rest of the day!

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    I eat breakfast shortly after I wake up (well, after I get out of bed — sometimes I loll about and play iPod solitaire for a while, because I work from home!). I used to make myself wait longer, and it really didn’t work for me. When I run, I tend to do so a couple hours after breakfast. I’m always amazed by people who workout first thing in the morning; I know it’s uncomfortable to run TOO soon after eating, but I just wouldn’t have the energy pre-breakfast!

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    Way to listen to your body :-) When I was running, I would wake up STARVING and have to eat right away. Now I normally have coffee, and then last about an hour before I eat. I’ve heard 30 minutes, and I’ve heard 2 hours. I think as long as you eat relatively soon after waking, then you’re good!

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    I stopped eating breakfast for a long time as a way to lose weight and I was literally going crazy by 11am. Now I eat within 20 minutes of waking up and I feel so much better. I just can’t do cereal for breakfast, it NEVER fills me up and I end up munching on something like 30 minutes later.

    ps. sorry to hear about your rough run today. those runs are the worst!

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    i think i eat almost right after i brush my teeth if i’m trying to go for a morning workout. but other than that.. at least an hour. of if i’m with the bf, it maybe longer-he takes longer to get ready in the morn than me. 😉

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    I always eat immediately after waking up. Seriously, within 5 minutes or my body goes crazy and I turn into a monster. I usually end up eating two small breakfasts this way.

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