I love fruit too much

I just ate a whole cantaloupe. It was dee-lissh! I have a thing where once I start eating ripe fruit I cannot get enough. I think it’s called “ilovefruittoomuchitis”. It’s quite a problem.

Breakfast Habits – I think the consensus is – there is no consensus. Everyone must eat breakfast to their own tune. This means different times/foods/work-outs schedules for each of us. Just make sure you don’t skip this most important meal of the day and just do your own thing :)

Before my cantaloupe adventures I made a messy lunch of toast topped with spinach, beans and guac. All those fats in the guac made me very happy :)IMG_4344

And those veggie sticks are my new obsession!IMG_4341

While I was putting lunch together I ate half of the cantaloupe and just went back to finish it off. IMG_4346I just got a fun package in the mail! I can’t wait to break it open.

But, first I’m off for a meeting of the Chickpea Lover’s Club. See you once the meeting is adjourned!

BreatheIt’s hard for me to make new friends


  1. beth says

    You can’t get me to gag more than one piece of fruit down a week, however, i eat about 15 servings of veg a day. I wish i had your problem!

  2. Emily says

    Hi Monica! I’ve recently started reading fitness blogs and yours is definitly my favorite. I like your honesty – ecspecially with the difficulties of weight loss / eating. I’ve recently lost 25+ lbs and I’m trying to tackle the last 10. In the last month or so, I’ve been having horrible binges. after a day of “good” eating, I consume hundreds of carby calories within an hour or two. I know it’s something you’ve addressed before (particularily with intuitative eating), but I was wondering if you had any advice? You seem to be making great progess with your disordered eating, so I was hoping you could give me some words of wisdom.


  3. says

    I find that sometimes when I’m craving fruit, it’s either because I’m really thirsty and need some water or my blood sugar is low, in which case I’ll have the fruit with a little protein too.

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