It’s been too long

It’s been too long since I’ve had french fries because I swear when I opened this bag (in my car on the way home – busted) and ate one, my first thought was, “These are just like french fries!” I was obviously very excited and proceeded to each at least one and half servings, maybe more?IMG_4332

Since I was heavy handed with the snacking this afternoon I listened to my body and made a lighter dinner. I had a few crackers with cheese to start.IMG_4329

And made a snack plate on my kids sectional plate. If I saw that a grown adult ate out off of this plate under normal, non-food blogger circumstances I would think there was something wrong with them. Sad.IMG_4330

Is it sad that I eat chocolate and then go watch The Biggest Loser? I kinda think so…IMG_4335

Since Ben and I both had a lighter dinner he got hungry a bit later, while he was eating I was trying to ignore it but I caved and got a snack. I had a piece of bread with some PB, no pic.

I feel a ton better, but for some reason my throat has had an itch it cannot get over all day and I keep coughing to “scratch” it. Boo

When an Eating Disorder Has No Name – I was in therapy for a few years and was never diagnosed with an official eating disorder. My therapist used to say I had “disordered eating”, but there was no official name for it. You have no idea how validating it is when you read or hear that someone else was/is in the exact same position.

If you have a history with an “eating disorder not otherwise specified” read this real account. It’s good to know you’re not alone, or crazy.


  1. says

    What kind of disordered eating is that? What form?
    I’ve probably had every kind of disordered eating imaginable: binging, bulimia, anorexia, compulsive exercise, spit-and -chew, blah blah blah. Glad to be out of that hell hole now. Phew!

    Haha, I know those veggie sticks! I bought a HUGE bag from Costco. Nobody ate it. I think a few months later, my mom threw it away. :-(

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      Sophia, that kind of disordered eating technically doesn’t have an official name. That’s why it’s so frustrating for people with it.

      I’m happy you’re “out of that hell hole”. Good for you :)

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    I had never heard of Sensible Eating products until a month ago when a coworker was cleaning out her work cube – she had a box Sensible Eating cookies she didn’t want anymore and gave them to me. OMG, they were DELISH! I may have eating most of them in one day :(

    I’m totally gonna have to check out the veggie sticks – or, maybe not. I might eat them all in one day!

  3. says

    I love the portioned-plate idea! It makes it so much more tempting to make snack plates (my favorite). And thanks for the article on when an eating disorder has no name… I think back on my high school relationship with food and exercise and the descriptions sound way too familiar

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    Whether you had disordered eating or an eating disorder, as long as you’re working towards getting better, that’s what matters because YOU are worth all the hard work :)

    You’re not crazy, but you are truly beautiful!

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      Katie, yeah I didn’t feel bad about it since I was actually hungry. It wasn’t “mindless”, but I really need to get to bed earlier so my dinner doesn’t “wear off” :)

  5. Lauren says

    I always find myself eating during The Biggest Loser. Gah! They are working out and sweating their asses off and I’m sitting on my couch snacking. It’s amusing and sad at the same time.

  6. says

    I had a similar experience with dinner last night, and I didn’t eat a snack. I woke up starving and angry today. I wonder if there’s a correlation? I swear I have worse days when I wake up that hungry.

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    Such a cute kid plate! I will take a look at the article. Thanks for being so honest, it is refreshing. No one is perfect.. I struggled with disordered eating for a long time. I feel that I finally have a handle on it these past few months.

  8. says

    its amazing how many people have some sort of eating disorder, regardless of the name or category. but, youre definitely an inspiration for people trying to work through it! thats hwy i love your blog, and it also helps that you eat off kid plates :)

  9. says

    I love your kids plate! A couple of years ago I bought a kids bento box to take my lunch to work. I got made fun of- but I loved all of the little compartments :)

    Off to read that article. Sounds very interesting…

  10. says

    I definitely can relate to having “disordered eating.” I have always struggled with this and never could put a name on exactly what it was that I was struggling with. Now I’m trying to focus on intuitive eating and it really helps me a lot.

  11. Anonymous says

    I read that article- I can totally relate to everything it said. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with EDNOS, and as mentioned in the article,didn’t think I was “good enough” to be anorexic. So, I became anorexic. I checked my BMI every day, and when it became low enough to classify me as “officially” anorexic, I was so happy. I felt like I was better than everyone else who claimed to have an eating disorder because I REALLY id. It was sick, it was wrong, but I’m glad the medical profession has finally recognized this and is going to change their definitions of EDNOS. I honestly think if I had been diagnosed with a REAL eating disorder, I would have been able to recover faster. Peace, <333

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