A purpose for diet bread

I found a great purpose for my old “diet” bread – French Toast! I’ve been craving it and fixing up crappy bread with a good egg mixture, PB and maple syrup was sure to make it good :)IMG_4404

I dipped three slices in egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon, splash of milk and chia seeds. Can you see the seeds? IMG_4407

I had the last of an almond butter jar so I made oats in a jar for Ben.IMG_4401

I haven’t been feeling almond butter and have been pawning it off on him for a while now. Plus this was a perfect breakie because he was taking so long to get ready his oats were already done. They would have gotten cold if I didn’t have a lid to put on the jar.IMG_4399

Ahh! I’m late to kickboxing. It’s my first time so wish me luck :)

Question of the day: Who has worse morning hair, me or you?IMG_4403Happy Friday!!!


  1. says

    My morning hair is FAR worse than yours, never fear! I always wake up with weird flat sections and others that are sticking up. It’s scary stuff and exactly the reason why I keep a clip on my nightstand šŸ˜‰

  2. says

    have fun at kickboxing! my hair is never too bad in the morning unless i’ve showered right before bed and it dries as i’m sleeping. i’m really lucky i guess although that doesn’t look like morning hair to me :)

  3. says

    I had oats in a yogurt tub this morning… not the same as OIAJ I guess.
    My hair is pretty awful this morning. Yours doesn’t look bad plus it’s a pretty color!

  4. Lauren says

    Oh man, when I wake up my hair looks like a stuck my finger in a power outlet. At least your hair is straight! My Jew ‘fro is the bane of my existence.

  5. says

    my hair is a hot mess in the morning, and i usually just add a head-band and head to the gym. :-) It’s scary enough to ensure that no one talks to me during my work outs!

  6. says

    you look beautiful in the morning! I have tried almond butter a few times, and I really cant get into it.

    I think its awesome that Ben eats oatmeal, I can’t get my boyfriend to even try oatmeal! He claims there isn’t enough volume or something – who knows! hope ou have a great Friday!

  7. Ashley C says

    Great idea about the “diet bread” i can’t eat that stuff anymore, it just tastes like air most of the time, but this actually sounds good :-)
    Wow that’s love… I wouldn’t give up my jar for oats hehe
    Have a great weekend!

  8. says

    Oh girl, I think I beat you on the morning hair. I have bangs that go straight up in a giant cow lick. I have to tame them with a headband to even get my morning started. How did Ben like OIAJ??

  9. says

    My morning hair is out of control, I think I could beat you. it’s all over the place, if I don’t wrap it. I scare Chris every morning.lol

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