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I have been blogging for almost two years (!) and reading for longer. Recently, I have been thinking about how I am still so influenced by other blogs. A lot of it is good, I am grateful to Kath for her delicious oatmeal topping ideas and Roni for her honesty about maintaining her weight loss.

While I love getting new healthy eats and exercise ideas from blogs, I hate to think that I am not just doing my own thing. I think 99% of the blogs I read are nothing but a good influence, but for someone who is trying to really hone in on my body’s needs I was just wondering how much this impacts me. Okay, that was random…

This afternoon I ate a Kashi cookie. This is one of the best packaged cookies you can buy!IMG_4392

Dinner was roasted brussels and a veggie burger. I also ate part of Ben’s potato skin. I can never understand how people can leave potato skin? I love it!IMG_4386

For dessert I had ONE Bliss dark chocolate. Then, I brushed my teeth. Are you proud? Because you should be, at least a little.  Why are band-aids so gross? I’m embarrassed to have this in the pic.IMG_4391I finally got this book I’ve been waiting for in the mail today! “Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows”  I’m going to review it once I’m done. I heard about this book in a vegetarian magazine – not a blog, so I’m especially happy with this appearing on my doorstep today :)IMG_4381

I hope if I influence you at all it’s in a good way. I think it’s obvious that I make a huge effort to keep it real and honest. I also hope I influence you to laugh more (just not too loud if you’re reading RER during school or work).
Have a good night :)


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    I read your blog because you are witty and funny. A lot of the food blogs are pretty “serious” — all food and business. I also read because you’re open about your desire to lose weight and you run marathons & I’m in the same boat (training for a marathon and want to lose 15-20 lbs). Oh and hi, I read and you’re on my site’s blogroll. :)

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    Your blog totally influences me! A friend was complaining to me the other day that she wasn’t going to the gym because she had a cold, and I almost said “well, Monica ran a marathon when she was sick, so you better step it up!” but I didn’t :) She wouldn’t understand.

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    I think you’re a great influence! Potato skins are actually really nutritious, maybe from the fiber? And the Kashi dark choc. oatmeal cookies are hands down the best packaged cookie out there, in my humble opinion 😉

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    Potato skins are delicious! I like your blog because you’re honest and I can relate. I’m a runner with 10 or so vanity pounds I’d like to shed and I’m learning IE. I feel like I can relate to you whereas I’m not sure I relate to many other bloggers. Keep up the good work!

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    I’ve been a blogger and a reader/lurker for over five years now. Blogs really find a way of influencing me. It has only been recently that I found out about these health blogs. I’m glad I did because they really help in my quest for health. I have to say Monica that you influence me to persevere in my running. You are a great influence in that aspect of my quest.

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    I just wanted to comment and say congrats on the chocolate. I guess that sounds silly, but I know how hard it is, and those small victories are just as important as the big ones. Sometimes one chocolate is just a chocolate, and sometimes it’s so much more, and I know you know that. You’re one step closer to your intuitive eating goals, and I just wanted to comment and say that it’s awesome and you should be proud!

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    Potato skins are definitely my favorite part.

    I think I was influenced by blogs a great deal when I started writing, but just like most things in life, I learned by mimicking first and then made it my own. While I do still read good blogs (like yours, which I love!), I’ve become more discerning and I’m less likely to try to mirror another blogger’s eats/workouts etc unless they’re really in line with my own goals.

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    Girl, your blog is one of my top 5. I look forward to your posts everyday. I love your honesty and willingness to share your real self with your readers. You don’t put on a fake front or try to make it look like you lead this perfect life and never give in to temptation. I just can’t relate to people like that. Thank you for being you. You do an awesome job!

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    I feel like every pool has floating band aides in them and that is just so wrong. Every time I see one laying around I get all tense and sicked out. You always make those brussies look so good, damn you.
    I think blogs can totally be influential in both good and bad ways. So long as people are honest and not “perfect” I think we’re in good shape.

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    You are definitely a good influence! You have a healthy diet BUT you are also normal and realistic and not to any extreme. I can actually completely relate to you and THAT is something that keeps me reading. You’re real.

    Love those Kashi cookies! And i’m proud of you! Night time is the hardest for me to avoid eating too much so brushing my teeth helps. And potato skins ARE the best part!

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