Eating like I’m training


Today I did 8.77 miles very slow. Ugh, I don't know what's up with my pace lately  :( I was shooting for between 8 and 10 miles depending on how I felt. My knee started hurting around mile 4 and went away for a bit, then came back. I'm going to ice it in a bit. I guess I'm used to running super long training runs on Saturday because I fueled before and after the run like it … [Read more...]

Because I’m Mexican…


Because I'm Mexican I made Ben a killer quesadilla for dinner... after all Mexican food is my specialty :) Because I'm Mexican, and have quite the voluptuous booty,  means my quesadilla must be much smaller so I still fit in my pants... Because I'm Mexican I will not admit that the beans on this salad are from a can. My abuelita would be so ashamed... Because I'm Mexican I … [Read more...]