Because I’m Mexican…

Because I’m Mexican I made Ben a killer quesadilla for dinner… after all Mexican food is my specialty :)IMG_4430

Because I’m Mexican, and have quite the voluptuous booty,  means my quesadilla must be much smaller so I still fit in my pants…IMG_4423

Because I’m Mexican I will not admit that the beans on this salad are from a can. My abuelita would be so ashamed…IMG_4427

Because I’m Mexican I will call my afternoon snack an escamocha and not fruit salad with cottage cheese…IMG_4421

Because I’m Mexican I will justify drinking an iced coffee this afternoon as a way to avoid a siesta… IMG_4420

Because I’m Mexican “yo quiero pan dulce” for dessert…pan dulce 2 (source)

but I only had Kashi cookies for dessert so I ate those (con leche)…IMG_4435

Because I’m Mexican I was in Ballet Folklorico when I was a kid… even though I looked very out of place with my red hair and lack of skin pigment…FOLK-LORICO!!!

That’s nothing a little blue eye shadow and red lipstick couldn’t help… FOLK-WHITE-DRESS-ICO

Because I’m Mexican I made my first Holy Communion when I was in second grade. Well, technically that’s a Catholic thing, but it really goes hand in hand, right?  Ha, look at my mom and dad. Funny MANDO-STACHE

Because I’m Mexican I wear too much make-up and huge gold earrings when I go out. Caliente! DSCN9893

Because I’m Mexican I can post all these things…

“Si Yo Puedo”


  1. Gaby says

    Hello! I just found your blog, I love that you stay in touch with your Mexican raices.

    mmm ese pan dulce se ve delicioso… la quesadilla tambièn.

    By the way, me encanta tu blog.

  2. says

    AH! cutest little kid EVER! love your list. do your mexican thang! (p.s. my boyfriend is mexican.. so when i marry him i plan to resort to all these excuses :P)

  3. says

    mexican is my fav food. swear to the man upstairs…when we hang out soon lets get mexi and margs. fo sho.

    i love guac and now i want chipotle…tommorrow? indeed!


  4. says

    Haha love the post theme! I should do a “because I’m Guatemalan” post and copy you (imitation is the best form of flattery?)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Cute pictures of Little Monica!

    I’m not a Mexican, but I grew up in Pico Rivera, so I know of what you speak! I miss pan dulce, home made tortillas (mais) and menudo!

  6. Lauren says

    Lol, how did you get red hair? Genetics are so funny. I found Veggie Sticks at my grocery store this morning and bought a bag. Half of it is now gone. Gah! A new addiction.

  7. says

    Love this post, I thought immediately like Freya about copying this idea. Except I am German so my post would include lots of beer, kraut and inappropriate Octoberfest costumes. :-)

  8. Christy says

    LOVE this post! Very creative and oh, so true. My husband is Mexican but I always feel that I am more Mexican than he is. Thanks for the early morning laugh!

  9. Eria H. says

    Me gusta! It made me wonder: Where did your red hair come from? (I’m Italian and have blonde hair … so I feel you.)

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