Cookies and Milk

The highlight of my day is def the cookies and milk I am currently enjoying. Is that sad?

No. Because cookies and milk freakin’ rock.IMG_4522

I used the cute tea cup and saucer for my treat. IMG_4523

Today was a really weird day eating wise. I could not get full at all, then  finally got too full when I came home and ate a SB bar and veggie crisps and the rest of my lunch. I kinda grazed through dinner and now am eating too many cookies.

I’m trying to write out a meal plan for the week. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail :(


  1. says

    I always eat way better when i have a meal plan too!

    “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” was one of my college professors favorite sayings. :-)

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    Cookies and milk are delicious – there is no better combo!

    Planning really is everything – you just have to be prepared that not everything will go as planned…

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    I’m the total opposite, actually! If I make a whole plan for the week, I’m almost certain to fail. However, if I just plan out the following day, I’m usually fine.

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