My Diet Book


*Note - some of the answers to your anonymous questions are in this post. But more formal answers for the rest of the questions are to come. It's only day two of the meal plan I set up for myself this week and I already realized it's not working. I usually aim for 1,800 calories when I am trying to lose weight. My activity level is enough that this is a good calorie level … [Read more...]

Burnt Toast


I like my toast (and brussel sprouts) burnt, but today I went a little far with it! It's okay I still ate  and enjoyed it :) I made cinnamon sugar toast and had an egg fluff on the side for protein. I also munched on some blubes while making coffee and burning the toast. I used half an english muffin and a piece of ww Tuscan pane. These different and very burnt breads make my … [Read more...]

Diet GPS


Even if you don't have a GPS you have probably been in a car at one time with one. If so, then you know what happens when you go the wrong way... Suddenly Tomtom (or whoever is directing you) says, "What the hell you loser?! I told you to go left, why did you go right?! You are stupid..." No. That is not what happens. The GPS actually says, "Re-calculating..." and finds … [Read more...]