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Even if you don’t have a GPS you have probably been in a car at one time with one. If so, then you know what happens when you go the wrong way…gps

Suddenly Tomtom (or whoever is directing you) says, “What the hell you loser?! I told you to go left, why did you go right?! You are stupid…”

No. That is not what happens. The GPS actually says, “Re-calculating…” and finds you a new way to your destination.

What do you tell yourself when you go the wrong way on your diet plan? Do you calmly re-calculate and get back on track or do you berate yourself?

My day started really well. I had a meal plan all set up and my morning snack was almonds and an apple. IMG_4534

That snack didn’t hold me over for long so I ate lunch (mexican pizza) and one of these bars.IMG_4568

Everything was going great until my afternoon snackage. I went a little crazy with the chocolate chips.Ā  I have to admit that I really want to get very mad at myself. That’s not going to help anything, but it’s hard not too be pissed when you’re bloated and coming down from a sugar high.IMG_4565

They were part of my afternoon snack, but I went a little crazy after this.IMG_4554

Well, now I’m re-calculating and getting back on track :)

I ate a healthy dinner of beans, brusselsIMG_4560

and part of Ben’s potato skin. That thing was as good and gooey as it looks. I had a small dove square for dessert and now I’m calling it a night.IMG_4563

This is kinda gross, but Ben and I still had the wish bone from T-day hanging around so we grabbed a side and made a wish. IMG_4567

I didn’t win :(

I’m jumping on the Ask Me Anything bandwagon!

Click here to ask me an anonymous question.

It can be about anything and feel free to ask Ben a question too! Example question for Ben, “Does Monica subject you to the same lame, inappropriate jokes that she posts on her blog?”


  1. says

    Omg, I hate it when the gps says re-calculating. It is just mine or does she sound extremely annoyed and p-od at you when she says that?

    In any case, good job for getting back on track after your chocolate splurge. You didn’t just say to heck with it and eat lots of things you shouldn’t just because you got off track. In the grand scheme of things, one little splurge isn’t going to destroy your plan. We all need a little leeway :)

  2. says

    Nice analogy. When I go off track I tend to get mad about it, say screw thee entire day and i’ll start over tomorrow. Not the best approach…

  3. Ashley C says

    I usually go off track even further and worsening the damage, and then feel guilty. Good job for getting back on track though, it would have been easy to just continue it on for the rest of the day.

  4. Amanda says

    Mmmmm chocolate. Whenever I go off track I try to balance it out with veggies and I try not to let it derail me. I used to go off the deep end and it would be a vicious cycle of restriction and indulgence… I like to think your blog helped me get over that. : )

  5. says

    Good for you for just getting back on the wagon after a bad day – that’s the best thing! Learn from it and move on :)
    Dinner looks scrumptious, I’m really into sporuts at the moment too :)
    HAHA I love it when tomtom gets confused, he just keeps saying ‘turn around…turn around…TURN AROUND’, very comic šŸ˜›

  6. says

    Good for you for getting back on track yesterday. When I blow it, which is OFTEN, I tend to give in, eat more and then really hate myself.
    When my daughter was a baby, I was having particularly hard day and I opened up a bag of chocolate chips and ate half the bag. I regretted it immediately, strapped her in the stroller and took her on a long, fast, hard walk. It eliminated the stress, but I still felt horrible for my lack of self control. I suppose I should have gone on the walk in the first place instead of opening the chocolate.
    Sigh. Food issues are going to be the death of me.

  7. says

    I was a little off track yesterday afternoon. I definitely had that frustrating feeling. I always get really mad when the GPS says recalculating, I feel like I’m being punished and that’s exactly how I felt yesterday afternoon.

    Can’t wait to see your answers to questions!

  8. says

    Whenever our GPS recalculates a lot, I tell The Boy that it’s going to freak out and self-destruct out of sheer frustration ;). I like the analogy with the IE. It sounds better than getting back on track and really, re-calculating isn’t bad, you still end up where you need to be, you may have just taken a detour. :-)

  9. KATIE V. says

    I have three questions!

    1. What is your absolute favorite food, that you could never eat a ” diet-y” version of?
    2. How did you and Ben meet? – not sure if you’ve talked about this in other posts.
    3. Who’s blog did you first read that introduced you to the blogging community
    Thnx in advance , cant wait for you to answer!!!

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