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*Note – some of the answers to your anonymous questions are in this post. But more formal answers for the rest of the questions are to come.

It’s only day two of the meal plan I set up for myself this week and I already realized it’s not working. I usually aim for 1,800 calories when I am trying to lose weight. My activity level is enough that this is a good calorie level for me to lose and not get too hungry (as long as I’m not training for anything).

I broke it down something like this:

400 calorie breakfast

200 calorie snack

500 calorie lunch

200 calorie snack

500 calorie dinner

Well, that’s not working. The smaller breakfast than I’m used to leaves me hungry all morning and most of the afternoon until my body catches up with the food. So, I’m going to switch things around a bit and re-write the plan. I firmly believe that every body is different and you have to find what works for you and your own obstacles to success.

Write your own diet book – it’s the only one that will work for the rest of your life!

After my gym class (which I LOVED!) I ate an apple.  Monica cannot live on apples alone, they make her hungrier than she was to begin with! Note to self: Fix your eyebrows.IMG_4574

I also snagged some trail mix and samples from the Nut House :)IMG_4579

The Nut House is so good they have to post this sign: IMG_4580

While out I saw this new flavor of Chobani – Strawberry Banana. I was so excited to try it that it turned into my lunch. I had the yogurt with cereal and trail mix. Yum!IMG_4582

More answers to your questions:

– 26

– Hillary Clinton

– Cocaine

– To laugh

– Stuffing my bra

**Okay, some of those are just random, and some of them are answers to your questions – figure it out :)

I don’t know why, but I get the biggest kick out of it when Natalie Dee makes fun of vegans. I am a bad person.


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    oh my gawwd that trail mix looks SO good! i’ve got to get my handies on that strawberry chobs! what a perfect snack you’ve got goin on there

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    LOL Natalie Dee cracks me up!

    I aim for 1800 calories a day while losing weight and I break it down like this.

    Breakfast- 300 calories
    Snack- (2 hours after b-fast) 200 calories
    Lunch- 400
    Snack- (2 hours after lunch) 200
    Dinner- 500-600
    Dessert- 200-300 calories. (I have yogurt, fruit and granola often but occasionally I’ll go nuts and get some ice cream too!)

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    I think you’re right about things being personal and needing reworking. For me, breakfast is the biggest meal of the day, and fat heavy. I find if I have a small breakfast, I either get really hungry later on or use it as an excuse to eat more

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    LOVE the cartoon! Thanks for posting that!

    Also, what is UP with feeling hungrier after eating apples?? I get that, too, and just thought that was something weird my body did to me.

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