Running Vest and Chickpea Casserole

This morning I added another layer to my running gear – a vest! This isn’t actually meant to be a “running” vest per se, but I needed something else to keep me warm without making me overheat. It worked perfectly!

Before I left for my run I ate a small bowl of cereal. I knew I would be stalling for a bit while it got a little warmer out :)

I did 5.85 miles in 52:37

My splits:

Mile 1 – 9:02

Mile 2 – 8:30

Mile 3 -8:57

Mile 4 – 9:20

Mile 5 – 8:57

.85 – 9:09

My knee started hurting around mile 4 so I’m going to ice it and hope for the best. I really want to work on getting faster, and I’ve been researching training plans. Now I need my eye on the prize = my next race!

During my run I was dreaming of oatmeal so that’s what I made. They were Pumpkin oats to be exact. In the mix: 1/3c oats, soy milk, water, vanilla, stevia, cinnamon, chia seeds, salt. Topped with PB and PB :) *I added some brown sugar after the pic to sweeten it a bit more.

I topped it with both TJ’s crunchy PB and Flax Plus PB. The TJ’s on the right melts a lot better, see?

Last night I was so caught up in my anonymous questions I didn’t post dinner. I made Chickpea Casserole with these ingredients: three cups of chickpeas, cream of broccoli soup and broccoli. I mixed it all together, topped it with some crushed pita chips (didn’t have bread crumbs) and baked at 350 for about 30 minutes. Then, I added some cheese to the top and returned it to the oven until melted.

It was dee-lish! This meal is packed with veggies, fiber and protien – a vegetarian delight :) Serve with some whole grain bread or brown rice and it is perfection.Other plans for today:

– Massage this afternoon! I’m so excited, it’s been too long :)

– Waiting for a very important package to arrive (been tracking FedEx like a hawk)

– Answering the rest of your questions

– Figuring out my race calendar (even though I totally don’t know where I’ll be in six months…)

See you in a little bit!


  1. Jessica says

    oh my god that recipe sounds delish!

    p.s. its taken me a long time to love my mexican curves. i have my bad days to but my fiance tells me all the time how much he loves my voluptuous latin body. it has helped me feel more comfortable in my skin.

  2. says

    i keep meaning to dig out an old vest but my problem isn’t my core getting cold it’s my extremities. any tips? would cutting cut a pair of knee socks work?

  3. says

    Hello!!! Wanted to randomly tell you that I snagged a bag of Veggie Stix today because of your blog! They are SO good. Too good, perhaps…I cant stay out of them!!! Have a great one, check out my blog before the Stix are gone. haha

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