Orange Foods – Pumpkin Oats

My mom said when I was little I used to love all orange foods…sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin! Well, I haven’t changed at all in this aspect!

Too bad my mom didn’t know about pumpkin oats when I was a kid – I would have gobbled it up! In the bowl: 1/3c oats, water, soy milk, vanilla, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin and chia seeds. I added some brown sugar after the pic. I’m curious how this bowl is going to keep me full since I didn’t add any nut butter. We’ll see.

Day 2 of the Beck workbook had me choose a diet. I am going with trying to be aware of calories and portions and aiming to break it down like this:

B: 400

S: 200

L: 500

S: 200

D: 500

Bad News!!! I can’t run the Sun Trust Half after all :( I just realized it is the same weekend as the Fitbloggin conference and I’m already signed up for that!

Saturday’s forecast is super cold and calls for snow :( I have an outside run planned, but am not looking forward to it…

Feels Like

Now I’m off to Kickboxing, see you in a bit!


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    Jessica – my oats have oats, a whole banana, soy milk and sugar. It often is 400 calories. I didn’t count it up for today, but also didn’t add in the handful of blubes I ate while cooking :)

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    um the fact u are even attempting to run in 25 degrees is insane. good luck dollface! thats colddddd! ur a better runner than I :)


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    I want to love pumpkin oats but for some reason mine always turn out pretty bland and underwhelming! This morning though I had CHOCOLATE oats! It was fantastic! Highly recommend it!

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    I like orange food, too. I just discovered pumpkin oats, but I have to be careful not to add too much pumpkin, or it’s too gourdy for my tastes. It’s kind of odd because I love all forms of squash.
    Too bad about the half; the Fitbloggin conference is a good excuse, though.
    If you’re looking for another (somewhat local) half marathon to participate in, there is the Marine Corps Historic Half in May. I think it’s May 16 in Fredericksburg, VA. I was going to run in it, but my husband is deploying and I don’t have anyone to watch our daughter.
    Just a thought.

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