The “C” Word

Who else would title a post “The C Word” and put a picture of her self under it?

I know. Thanks for reading.

But, I’m not talking about the C word you’re probably thinking of, I’m talking about the COLD! It is painfully cold, as in if the air outside touches your skin, it burns. Ouch! I don’t know if you’ve caught on during my 7,451 previous rants about MD, but I do not enjoy the cold.

I had some seltzer bottles in my car and it froze them!!! Now, stripping all feeling from my fingers and toes is one thing, but when you start messing with my seltzer we’re going to exchange some words.

When I last left you I was on my way to kick boxing which I predict will become my latest obsession. I love it! When it was over I had an apple and a SB snack bar.

All I wanted for lunch was something opposite of the “C” word. (If Ben reads that line without knowing my new meaning for C word he would be very happy.) Anyways, I meant soup! This can was on sale the other day so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

It was okay. I spiced it up with some hot sauce to make it better though. Not sure if I would get it again. On the plus it’s a big bowl of eats for 220 cals.

On the side I had my addiction = Veggie Crisps. You guys don’t see chips on the blog very often because I’m normally not a salty snacks person (besides the occasional popcorn binge). But I love these suckers for some reason! Yum!

More Anonymous Questions!!!

Question:Did you keep your maiden name?  If so, how come?

Monica: Yes, I kept my maiden name. I was considering changing it, but I don’t really understand the reason. I like my name and don’t see the need to change it.

There has been talk of hyphenating it to avoid confusion when we have kids, but I haven’t made up my mind about that either.

Also, I think it’s pretty obvious that I make up for my lack of skin pigment by constantly reminding you and myself that I am Mexican. I like having a Hispanic name. I am proud of it.

FYI – One of the first women to not change her name was Lucy Stone. Now women who keep their name are called Stoners. Here is a link to the Lucy Stone League, a group that carries on her message of equality for men and women.

Question: Who are your favorite bloggers?

Monica: I have a ton of blogs on my Google Reader, so it’s really hard to choose, I’ll go through phases of having to read certain blogs. Here are the first blogs I went to today…

Peas and Thank You – You know I appreciate a funny blog :)

Carrots and Cake – But seriously, who doesn’t read this blog?

HEAB!!! This girl definitely wrote her own diet book and eats what her body needs. I love it.

and then I went down the list…

Question: What kind of running shoes do you wear?  I’m on a constant quest for trail running sneakers that provide enough ankle support while adjusting for overpronation.

Monica: I currently sport Adidas SuperNovas and am also a fan of the Asics Gel Nimbus. But these are my runners. Trail running shoes are a bit different because they are heavier, heartier and offer more support since the terrain is often sketchy.

The SuperNova line does offer a trail shoe, but I don’t know if it would offer enough suport if you overpronate a lot.

The SuperNovas and Gel Nimbus are both considered Neutral shoes meaning they don’t offer much in the way of helping with pronation. But, I would assume that their trail shoe counterparts offer more stability and may be okay.

Here is the Runner’s World Trail Shoe Guide for 2009. This probably has exactly what you need if you know your brand preferences too. I am pretty loyal to the two “A” name brands – Adidas and Ascis :)

For other readers:  If you don’t know what kind of running shoes you need, check outwebsites like  Running Shoes Guru,  or go into a running shoe store and ask. Just make sure it’s a running shoe store and not Lady Footlocker or some crap like that.

Do you have an anonymous question for me? Ask away here!

I’m so glad there are so many LOST fans out there! Next question: What LOST character are you most like???

Me: I dunno, this is one I’ve never thought about. I would say Richard Alpert because we both like to wear eye liner. Ha, just kidding.

Um, I think I am most like Sayid because I have a good heart, but can also kick ass (or at least pretend to in kick boxing).


  1. Rachel says

    haha I love your sense of humor. You are so right about the cold. I live in Arlington (just outside DC) and tried to go running this morning. HUGE mistake. never doing that again.

  2. says

    I kept my maiden name too! I had no idea about the Lucy Stone story, I am clicking on the link right now! I felt the same way, I had no reason to change my name. Plus if I am going to get my butt kicked through law school I want my name on the diploma.

  3. Molly says

    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. I love it! It is very real and I can appreciate that. It is hard (for me) to read the blogs of the absolutely perfect eaters and believe that such a lifestyle is real. Honestly your blog is the most motivating blog I read! Thanks! Aside from that; a year ago I moved from Pennsylvania to southern California for a job. And I just get such a laugh about how much you hate the cold because I miss it so much! I honestly hate the weather here, I think it is so mundane. There is no excitement. Same thing everyday… Anyway, I just wanted to share that I feel your weather pain! Also, you should wear a jacket with that sweatshirt! Anyway, keep blogging! You are inspirational and I love it!

  4. says

    brrrrr cold here too. i went outside after showering this afternoon and my hair froze! not a very smart idea on my part but still…the high today was 19* and the WC was 2*?! i want spring!!

  5. Lauren says

    Thanks for the info on the shoes–I was the one who submitted that question. Right now I have this big, thick pair of New Balance trail runners… ugh. They *are* keeping my toes reasonably warm in these ridiculous temperatures (I’m in PA… it was 11 degrees today… I wanted to kill myself).

  6. says

    I’m cold, too. We’re expecting snow tomorrow and I’m seriously dreading it.
    I wish I would have kept my maiden name, but at the time, I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.

  7. says

    great taste in blogs & i love that you didnt change your name because you didnt see the reason behind it! too often we just do what were supposed to, ya know?

  8. Ella says

    I love that you kept your name – my mom kept her maiden name, and my sister and I both had her last name as our middle name, and my father’s last name as our last name. It caused no confusion because when we traveled, both names were on our passports and people in other countries seem to understand that since not every other country uses only the man’s last name for their children. My sister and I both changed our names when we got married, but I find myself constantly using all three of my names (my maiden name is now my middle) because it is still a part of me and my history! (I was the one who asked that question, obviously I have a few thoughts about it!)

  9. says

    Oh my gosh, I’m beyond honored I made your list of morning reads. :)

    Hate hate hate the cold too. After the holidays are over, I’m ready for sunshine and 80 degrees. I live for warm weather!

    Hope you have a good weekend, and P.S. I love that seltzer water. The cherry flava is my fav. :)

  10. Ashley C says

    Loved that little sexual joke in there about the opposite of C hehe… I’ve got such a perverted since of humor and I think you do too :-)

  11. says

    Sorry about the photo Monica! I was just wrapping up on the Back Bay and God decided to provide a show for me. It’s not often that the sunset is as spectacular as that one.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you and Ben can make it out of MD and into a warmer climate! BTW – have you ever had to spend a summer in MD? I have to go to DC in late July this year. Not exactly looking forward to that….

  12. says

    My boyfriend read your title and boy, did you read his mind. Him and his dirty mind. It gave us a good laugh, though. I’m now very intrigued by your veggies crisps. I can’t find them in the groceries I frequent.

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